10 Simple Ways To Deal With Monday Blues

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2012)

Monday- the second you hear this word, you pull up a long face and you think- ‘Not again! One entire week full of hard work and toil! Weekend…where did you vanish!’ You are brought out of that holiday mood and made to focus on the hectic week that is desperate for your attention.


Have you ever thought why you give so much importance to the feeling that makes you so gloomy? Or what can you do to make “Monday morning blues” a thing you experienced in the past? How can you make sure that you get up on a Monday morning full of energy and in the best of your moods?

Let me help you out. Here are ten ways to rekindle the energy you have at the beginning of the weekend. But let me tell you one thing beforehand. These tricks will work only if you want them to work and most importantly if you work on them. So here it goes…

Sleep early

It is important that you take a proper night sleep before you start your week. If you feel drowsy in the morning then all it does is add up to that desolate feeling with tries to pull you down. Sleep in early on Sunday night so that when you wake up the next morning, you feel content with the amount of sleep you had.

Hop out of bed

Even if you don’t sleep well, try to get out of bed in a rush. Just tell yourself that you can get past these blues and eventually you will.

Do not skip bathing

If you somehow manage to separate yourself from your bed, get into the shower right away! The splash of cool water all over you will do the trick.

Wear your best 

When you chose what to wear that day, go for clothes in which you feel you look good. Bright or dull colors are a personal choice but what is more important is that when you wear those clothes you should get the feeling that you are looking amazing.

Wear a smile

Smile has a lot of energy. Extract from it. Wear it on your face like it’s your birthday. Even if you are not in the mood, fake it and eventually things will fall in place.

Positive attitude

Being happy or sad on a typical Monday morning is in your hands. How? This is because your attitude defines how you feel. It is important that you tell yourself to be positive and that you will sail through dark waters no matter what.

Listen to Music

Music is said to have a healing and soothing power. Cash on it. Listen to your favorite tracks specially the ones which make you want to dance and with the beats, let go all the negative perception of Monday mornings.

Take short breaks between work

Do not try to finish all the work in one go. You may be geared up for a while but fatigue will creep in, in no time. So take it easy. Work in intervals. While you are on a break, don’t think about work at all. Give your mind some rest even if it is for ten minutes.

Week list

What are the things that you need to take care of this week? Ranging from timeline crunches at work to bringing groceries for home, plan it all. Think about how you will go about doing what you have to do and plan your week accordingly. Even if something unexpected comes up, you will be able to deal with it. Do this work on a Sunday evening as soon as that gloominess creeps in.

Plan your next weekend 

Even if all the above fails to uplift your spirits and you are in no mood to follow your enervating routine and are still thinking about the fun you had during the weekend, which is bidding you a good bye, do not worry. Start planning how you will enjoy the next weekend! You will have something to look forward to. You will be able to work the entire week knowing that fun is just around the corner!

For many, it is very difficult to wake up fresh and rejuvenated on a Monday morning. But believe me; it is not impossible if you try. All it needs is a little bit of planning and more of your will power and Monday mornings will be a cake walk. For all you lazy people-come on! Up and about! Look alive and feel good!

This is life and you will have to deal with it!  I would like to quote Garfield, the fat lazy cat which enjoys sleeping more than anyone and anything and hates Mondays- “Look at the bright side…At least Monday only happens once a week!”. So stay alive and kicking!