10 Top Softwares for Golf Players: Swing Analysis, GPS & More

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

When it comes to Golf, there is an entire array of needs. Golf Swing Analysis, Golf Course and GPS, there are several areas out there. Right from player analysis, swing analysis to Club management and Global Positioning for Golf. Here are the best softwares out there.


1. iGolf Soccer  iPhone App for Golfers

This is an iPhone for Golfers offering mobile scoring, statistics, handicap calculation and GPS range-finding. A must have for Golfers. Download here.

2. XY Golf GPS System

XY Golf GPS System, is a GPS tracking system for Golfers. Its is the first totally portable, full-functional ranging and course management system. When compared to conventional cart based GPS systems, XY Golf’s system design provides the course operator with greater flexibility at lower cost.

3. Total eGolf – Golf Course Management Solution

This is a full fledged golf course management solution for Golf enthusiasts. It has solutions for all areas of golf operations. Includes details of services and case studies. Official website here.

4. Swing Keeper Scoring Analysis for Golf

SwingKeeper Scoring is the easiest and free way to manage and improve your golf game online! You can track your game, your equipment, view in-depth course information, print your own custom scorecards and quickly calculate your handicap, all through a simple and straightforward interface. Official website here.

5. Statistical Analysis Tool for Golf Game

If you wanted to improve your game with some professional statistical analysis, then this is the software you’re looking for. Stats4Golf is a FREE online golf statistical analysis tool that will track the best and the worst parts of your game allowing you to quickly and easily identify areas that need improving. Official website here.

6. Microsoft Excel program for Golf Coaches

Golf involves strategical planning and analysis of data. And what better way than using Microsoft Excel to check your statistics? StatMasterGolf allows you to set goals in each statistical category for your team and individual players to track their progress. Download it here.

7. Golf GPS Software

This is a neat and professional GPS location and analysis software for Golfers on the Android platform. Satellite view, precise location, clear and easy navigation are some of the highlights of this Android program. Download it here.

8. Social Network for Golfers

Finally, a social network for Golfers is here. Golf Tracker is an on-line social network and statistics program. Try it here.

9. Golf Statistical Analysis Software

This is the new statistical analysis software application from Erebus Software, for recording your golf scores, analysing your game and tracking your progress as a golfer. Check it out here.

10. Golfers Mobile Application

GPSGolfShot is the revolutionary new downloadable golf application for Verizon Wireless mobile phones that provides accurate, GPS based distances on over 16,500 professionally mapped golf courses across the USA. Download it here.