iPhone is launching in India on August 22, through Vodafone and AirTel. Good thing, even though late! And for all the people who booked it, let me tell you, this is going to be an utter disappointment, but they WONT agree to it. ๐Ÿ˜€

A quick look into the features.

Vodafone iPhone features
Assisted GPS
Applications support
Greater Autonomy (what’s that?)
Microsoft Exchange

AirTel iPhone features

GPS Maps
Microsoft exchange

Both AirTel and iPhone are promising HTML browsing, but that does not make any difference. Does it? In India you don’t have 3G technology.(AirCell provides it in Chennai, and testing is going on in certain places.)

Why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone in India(Or why it will be a disappointment)

  1. No mp3 support/songs if not through iTunes. Indians would definitely want the bollywood numbers playing. Big disappoint here.
  2. No video support. (What happens to all the MMS scandals?)
  3. Not a good camera, just average (hmm…hmm so you flash your iPhone and your peer having the samsung mobile shows you better pictures. ouch!)
  4. In India, no phones escapes the “scratches”. Get ready with a real good scratch free cover.
  5. If you want to change the battery, you better take an insurance for the phone, because you got to send it over to the US, to get it replaced. (Imagine the cost involved)
  6. Drop your iPhones and get ready for a heart break !
  7. Do you like MMS? Sorry mate, no support on the iPhone.
  8. Okay so you can browse websites eh? Did you know that flash isn’t supported on it? Booohoo…
  9. You can send pictures as attachments on email yeah? But only one at a time baby!
  10. Want to wile away time waiting for the train/bus/plane? Sorry. No games. This is for serious folks only!
  11. No SMS forwards..No cut and paste. Means no jokes shared, no texting business.
  12. It is “reported” to be heating up pretty quickly. But don’t believe me for it – use it to know.

So all the best folks !

(P.S – No misunderstandings, I’m no Apple hater. I admire Steve and possess a Mac.)