12 Simple Ways to Cheer Up People Around You

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Have you ever been around someone that is unpleasant?  Someone who does not smile or laugh?  It can be a real drag and often if these people in your life do not cheer up, they will drag you down with them.  There are ways that you can cheer up these people that do not take a lot of effort, time or money.  When you have cheerful people in your life, your life is just happier.  Follow a few of these tips to cheer up those around you and make yourself feel good!


1.  Give Hugs – They’re Magical!

When a person is hugged, it releases endorphins.  Endorphins are chemicals in our bodies, and when they are released, they activate receptors in the brain that gives us highs.  The endorphins create many feelings and behaviors.  Most likely when a hug is received, the person on the receiving end will release the endorphins that allow them to cheer up.

2.  Say Thank  You – Often.

These are two simple words.  But often enough, we do not hear them.  Saying a simple thank you to someone can make a huge impact.  Saying thank you to someone makes them feel important.  It could be a thank you for something that they have done, or just a thank you for being a great friend or being a  special person in your life.

3.  Pay It Forward

Pay it forward to someone and they will instantly be cheered up.  A simple way to make someone instantly cheered up is to do this.  A great way to do this is buying a coffee for the next person in line when you are at the coffee shop.  Or giving the cashier at the gas station an extra $10 for the next person in line getting  gas.  An instant smile will be on the face of the recipient.  It does not have to be a big amount that you spend on someone to make them feel great and cheer them up.

4.  Smile, Just Smile!

Give those around you big smiles.  Smiles are very contagious and will often cheer a person up.  When a person smiles, they will often feel better, thus allowing themselves to cheer up.

5.  Crack a Joke

Jokes will often cheer anyone up.  If you are not good at jokes, check online at various sites and have a list in your head. Often a joke will lead to laughing, which will release the endorphins in the body to make a natural high.

6.  Let Them Know You Are There For Them

Often times those around you just need to know that someone is there for them.  Tell them that you are there to offer your shoulder for them to cry on if needed.  This often makes many feel better, and can make them cheer up faster.

7.  Let Them Know They Are Forgiven

Often times people are not cheerful around you if there has been a spat between you and them.  Let them know that you forgive them for whatever they did.  Forgiveness is a great way to cheer someone up.

8.  Do Something Silly

Make a face.  Do a crazy dance move.  Walk funny.  Wear mismatched socks.  Hike your pants all the way up.  Walk backwards.  There are many possibilities to this.  Do something silly and those around you will surely cheer up instantly.

9.  Share Funny Photos

Share funny photos that you have found.  They could be photos that you have taken of your family, pets, whatever.  Or ones that you have found on the internet or in the newspaper.  Funny photos may cause them to laugh, which will release those good endorphins.

10.  Play a Board Game

Invite the person that needs cheered up to play a board game with you.  There are many to chose from.  Pick the traditional ones such as Monopoly, or suggest Twister.  Seeing the ones around them in funny positions will often cheer a person up.  Or if no board games are close, play Hangman or Charades, which can lead to hours of laughing.

11.  Give a Compliment

Compliments are a great way to make another person feel good about themselves.  And feeling good about themselves will lead them to cheer up.  It could be a simple compliment such as “I like your new haircut” or “Wow, you did a good job cleaning up this mess”.  Compliments raise confidence, which in turn will cheer a person up.

12.  Give Them Some Baked Goodies

Almost everyone loves homemade goods.  An easy way to cheer up those around you is to bake a homemade treat for them.  Bake their favorite cookies, bars, or pie.  If you are not able to bake the goods yourself, allow your local bakery to fulfill this need.  Baked goods often are foods that not only comfort but cheer up the person.

Cheering up those around you does not have to make you dig deep into your wallet.  Many simple ways to cheer up people in your life are free or nearly free.  Take advantage of them and you will lead a happier, more cheerful life as well.