13 Amazing Facts about Burj Dubai – The World’s tallest building

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2013)

Burj Dubai – Is the tallest man made structure on earth as of today, January 4th 2010, when it is being inaugurated. Dubai was recently in news for its economic crisis, but even amidst all the chaos the Arabs have made it happen. Opening the Burj Dubai (Meaning the tower of Dubai) to the world. And when Dubai does something, it does it overwhelmingly well, and this one is no different. Read about the Burjj Dubai facts here.


1 – US$800,000,000.00 was pumped into building this architectural marvel.

Now, who’s talking about economic crisis.

2 – The Burj Dubai Adress – P.O Box No. 1, Burj Dubai, Dubai

Easy to remember, is it not ?

3. How would it look, had Burj been in the US ?


4. Building consists of 57 elevators, 1,044 residential apartments and 49 floors of office space.

5. An office space costs US $4,000 per square feet.

6. Giorgio Armani opens his first ever Hotel chain in Burj Dubai.

7. The building is 818 m tall but can be reached at 60 seconds by elevator


8. The entire building consists of 162 floors.

9. Burj Dubai is said to have used 330,000 cubic meters of concrete, which would be equal the weight of 100,000 elephants.

10. 293 2.93 Eiffel Towers should be stacked one after another to match Burj Dubai’s height.


11. From the top of Burj, a total of 80 Kilometres can be seen around it.


12. 28,261 Glass panel cover the entire outside panels.


13. The Burj Dubai design is based on a flower called Hymenocallis a.k.a Desert Flower



Image courtesy – Dubai Tower

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