20 Tips To Make Friends Wherever You Go

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2012)

Having friends is a huge joy in life.  It says a lot about yourself.  You are loved and cherished and treasured.  You may be funny or kind or compassionate.  That could be why people want to be your friend.  So if you struggle with making friends no matter where you go, there are some simple things you can do to meet new people and get them to be your friend.  Continue reading for more ideas.


1.  Smile a lot. No. I Mean, a lot.

Everyone loves a smile that is genuine.  It is contagious.  Smile and people will be drawn to you .  No one likes to look at a grumpy person, so with a huge smile plastered to your face, you will be much more approachable.

2.  Be Yourself. Even in Testing Times.

People will like you for what you are.  Not acting fake like someone else.  Be yourself and people surrounding you will be able to see your true colors.

3.  Be a Defender Boss.

Defend others.  No one likes a person who talks about others behind their backs.

4.  Be Kind. It Takes a Man To Be.

Be kinds to others.  This will draw them to you.  Everyone wants to be friends with those that are kind to everyone around them.

5.  Honesty is the Best Policy.

Honesty is the best policy.  Why?  Because  then others know that you are worthy of being a friend and able to be trusted.  Have this policy and those around you will want to be your friend.



6.  Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep.

Never make a promise if you do not intend to keep it.  Promises are suppose to be kept no matter what.

7.  Be a Social Butterfly.

The only way you can make friends is to go out and meet new people.  This could be pretty much wherever you go.  Go to the library, the local fundraisers, picnics, parties, anywhere there is guaranteed to be a crowd.

8.  Stop Talking. Start Listening.

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them.  They may not have anyone else to tell their troubles to.  Listening to someone who is making conversation with you is a sure fire way to get them to be a friend.

9.  Tell a Joke. Fail. Crack One More.

People like others who are funny and willing to make a fool of themselves once in a while for the sake of making others laugh.  Learn a few jokes, or be willing to put yourself at the butt of the joke to make a new friend.


10.  Give Generous Compliments.

Give compliments to others and mean them.  Do not just say “I like your dress”.  Really mean it when you say it and  base your beginning conversation off it.  Ask them where they got it, and other questions about it to let them know that you are really interested.  A compliment can go a long way.

11.  Offer Assistance and Help To Those Who Need.

Offer your assistance to others around you.  You could help them with little tasks such as giving them a ride to the store or help out by watching their kids for them while they have errands to run.

12.  Be Positive. Stay Positive.

No one likes a negative person.  Having a positive attitude is contagious as well.  When you are positive, others will want to hang out with you.

13.  Be Patient. Good Things Will Happen In Time.

Never force a friendship.  Friendships take time to get started, so do not rush them.

14.  Use Your Manners.

Be polite.  Use your manners for everything.  Please, thank you, yes sir and excuse me go a long way.


15.  Treat People How You Want to be Treated.

Remember the golden rule.  Treat others how you want to be treated.  This is a great way to have others realize that you would be a great friend for them.

16.  Be Compassionate About Everything.

When others see that you really care about something, it often sets off something.  If there is a good cause you like, then volunteer.  Or donate something to them.  This will show others that you do care greatly for something.  It could be as simple as volunteering at the local homeless shelter or taking dogs in a shelter for a walk.  And the best thing is when you are compassionate about something you will be able to meet new people that you can help or are compassionate about the same thing.

17.  Value Your Friendships.

Value the friendships that you already have.  When others see that your friendships mean a lot to you, they will want to be friends with you.

18.  Ask Questions.

Ask people around you questions. Simple questions will often work.  You could try “how was your day”, “are you having a good one?” or “How is your mother doing”?  This lets them know that you do truly care.  And if you ask about family, it says that you remember things about them.


19.  Pay It Forward.

When you pay it forward, you are giving a piece of yourself to someone else.  Buy the person behind you in line at the drive though a coffee.  When others around you see that you like to make others day, you are a huge hit with them.

20.  Be Happy For Others.

Be happy for others around you.  If they succeed, then cheer them on.  This shows that you are comfortable with your life and are generally happy for when others around you get what they deserve.

If you follow a few of these tips, people around you will want to be your friend.  They will see that you are a good person who is worthy of their time and effort.  This is a sure fire way to make friends no matter where you go in life.