My Story


I’m a small-town guy from India who fell in love with the internet.

Right from the dial-up-modem days.

I self-learned website designing and coding back in the early 2000s.

Hand-coded a bunch of websites and communities & made several blunders.

But learned a lot about how websites work and how people behave online.

Since then, it’s been an obsession.

To explore the possibilities of this wonder, called the internet.

Started with SEO

Running those communities and websites in the early 2000s taught me several things about how the internet works.

What content worked and what didn’t. How Google worked. How people behaved online.

I started blogging in early 2005 with DailySEOblog. Where I experimented a lot in SEO and shared my learnings.

I also helped several folks with their website SEO.

Mani Karthik Blogger

Grew with Blogging

Blogging took off like crazy in the late 2000s. I was blogging in multiple niches at this point.

The best part about blogging was being able to make friends the world over!

I was running multiple blogs and had a small list of freelance SEO clients.

That’s when I started my own SEO agency.

Started the Agency life

Online Marketing was just getting started then. And I started my own online marketing agency.

I worked with many clients in the US, UAE, and India. Helped them scale their website traffic with online marketing.

Life was all about spreadsheets and analytics.

A lot of money for sure, but then it was getting boring.

That’s when I moved to the USA.


Moved to the USA

Moving to the US, opened up a whole new world for me.

Both in career and personal life.

I worked with some of the smartest minds in the industry, some of the most exciting brands, and some of the biggest marketing budgets I ever had.

From SEO to Growth Hacking and multi-channel marketing for SaaS companies, the world of digital marketing grew on me.

Made some big jumps and growth working some of the best companies in the Valley and Southern California.

That’s when I wanted to go back to my roots and start on my own.


Back in action in India

I got back to India in 2017 and started a new journey altogether.

Armed with a wealth of experience and wisdom I learned from some of the best minds I’ve ever hung out with.

I share my learnings on this blog and my YouTube channel.

Also, I help mentor and scale some early-stage startups with online marketing.

You are here.

Optimize and scale.