5 Airport Hacks to Make Your Travel Worry-Free at Domestic Indian Airports

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2019)

The word “airport” brings the image of a large, busy and confusing place with lots of travelers rushing from here to there! From luggage drops to tackling the boarding pass queue to security checks – the entire process can be tiresome at times, right? India is the third largest civil aviation market in the world and in 2018, Indian airports registered footfall of 341 million passengers, says an article on Know India. With tons of travelers and endless activities going on at one place, we are sure to feel lost and even frustrated at times. However, we’ve got you covered with simple hacks to make your travel formalities easy peasy!

Take a look at this list of useful tips to help you navigate smoothly through India’s airports. 

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Book an Early Morning Flight

Given the traffic situation in India, booking an early morning flight is the best way to avoid city traffic and delays in reaching the airport. You can travel peacefully, giving yourself enough time to tackle any hiccups at the airport itself. Also, at the airport, you are less likely to encounter a huge crowd. The good news doesn’t end here either. Airlines often sell tickets for the first few morning flights at a much cheaper rate than for flights later in the day.

Choose Web Check-In

When you do a web check-in, you automatically save yourself the trouble of waiting in long queues at the airport counters. You have the liberty to get your pass from the comfort of your home. Now, if you don’t need to check in luggage, you can straight away head towards the security check area, with the boarding pass you received online. Don’t forget to carry a printout of this pass though. With web check-in, you can also choose seats as per your preference and pre-book meals for yourself. 

Mark Your Luggage

Your luggage will definitely have a look alike at the airport! Research says, 3% of every 1,000 fliers misplace their bags while flying domestically. Therefore, if you want to identify your suitcase on the conveyor belt quickly, put a name tag or a mark on it. Put a scarf, a ribbon or anything that would catch your attention from a distance. This will also help you stop anyone else from picking up your personal belongings by mistake.

Keep Important Stuff Within Easy Reach

Flight delays are inevitable at times. It would be sensible to keep essentials handy. Your ID card, passports, boarding pass, power banks, earphones, reading materials, wallet and so on can be carried in your cabin baggage or a hand bag for quick access. This will save you from digging into your luggage to retrieve an elusive item. 

Be Aware of Airport Rules

Read the airport guidelines thoroughly before you start packing for your trip. There are certain limitations on the weight and items you can carry. Being well equipped with all the regulations will keep you ahead of others and reduce the risk of getting pulled out of line by the authorities. 

So, the next time you fly, consider some easy hacks for a safe and happy journey.