Akashagopuram – First International Malayalam film? (Oh..alright…!)

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2008)

Just like you, I’ve been wondering from ever since I heard this “description” – “Malayalam’s first International Film”, what exactly does it mean?
There have been numerous movies that have gone to the International film festivals.
There have also been malayalam films that have had participation from foreign artists.
There have also been malayalam movies that have been filmed outside the country.

Despite all this, the movie has been proclaimed “first International malayalam movie” – confusing.

So I thought to do some research and found out these facts about the movie. The story of the movie
Akashagopuram is set in the background of London where Mohan Lal plays an architect.
– The production house is India based, Medient
– Cinemautography is by Santosh Thundiyil (remember Krrish?)
– Music is by John Altman (Done music for Titanic)
– Sound design is done by Nigel Holland. (Batman begins)
– Visual effects by John Harvey and Jonathan Hussler (Kingdom of heaven)
Also many artists like make up men are from outside the country, and the post production work has been done in the UK.

So does that qualify for the film to be called “First International film from Malayalam”? I serioulsy doubt.

The effort from the director Mr. Kumaran is a commendable one. When we are complaining about “storyless-ness” and “technical diarrhea”, this might be a practical solution he found out. But bollywood and other language movies like Telugu and Tamil still has a lot of involvement from hollywood and “foreign” artists, I’ve never ever heard anyone call any such movie as “International telugu movie” or “International tamil movie”. Interesting !

So I’m thinking, had the artists been all “foreign” and not mallus, then you might have missed the opportunity to call this movie “First International” right?

(A movie buff friend of mine says International movies to him means “chinese, vietnamese, italian etc” – Food for thought there.)


  • True Binny. It’s pathetic to see how far and what extend would people go to pull a trick like this.

  • Dude, please watch the movie and publish your thoughts on the film rather than writing your own stupid (sorry for being harsh, but I am tempted after reading your blog) comments before doing so. This film is not like the regular Telugu or Tamil film where lots of firangis dance to the tune of hip numbers, or films shot in Europe for the sake of a song or doing it. This is about a film whose protagonist is a person who received 4 national awards, two others received 2 national awards each, whose director , again , is a national award winner, whose cinematographer is world class, whose music composer (not the hip telugu/tamil type which you might expect) is “Titanic” fame composer John Altman, just to name a few, who are behind this masterpiece. This was shot in London not for the sake of it , but because it is based on Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen’s classic play ‘Master Builder’. This film is for true classic film lovers, not the entertainment mass to which you belong . This film falls in the category of films which compete in international film festivals, like the cannes. And thats the reason why it is called international..got it dude!!!!