All the movies watched this month

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2008)

It’s been an addiction and looks like I’ve been adding up more and more thrillers to my collection. Here’s all the flicks I saw lately.

  1. Strangers – Great thriller. My type. Watch when there are no distractions around.
  2. Hancock – You’ll begin to hate Will Smith after this one.
  3. You don’t mess with the Zohan – Fun all the way ! Wait for the climax. It’s good.
  4. The Others – Again my type. Loved Nicole in this. Storyline is a little weak sort of though. More like sixth sense..alternate version.
  5. The Nines – Rubbish.
  6. Stigmata – My type…good thriller..great music..religious background…folks may not like. And yea..climax sucks!
  7. Wall E – Cute…fun…you’ll love it.
  8. The Contract – Time waster !
  9. Lady in the water – If you’re a Manoj fan..stay away from this. You don’t want to hate the guy.
  10. Stir of Echoes, The homecoming – Weak story..good presentation. Thriller (sorta)
  11. Mirrors – Good. Ok. Average. Nothing to impress you.
  12. I am Legend – Good one…sad ending (Heard there’s an alternate version.)
  13. Kidnap (Hindi) – Yuck ! The new dude wanted an image change just to prove he’s not all that chocolaty. Failed.
  14. Saroja (Tamil) – Though a remake of The Judgement Night, it impresses me. Premji Amaran does a good job, Jayaram does a good attempt…barely makes it.

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