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Tech blogs are many these days. But if I ask you to recall the ones that you really liked, we’d only have a few to count. is one such blog that stands out from the rest of the crowd on many levels. I spoke with its owner Raju, the other day.

Raju is one of the most popular, influential and upcoming professional bloggers in India, today. He quit his cozy job at Infosys, in 2009, to turn to a career in professional blogging. He has clearly made his mark today with articles focused on quality and trends – something you don’t find easily on tech blogs today, where the race is to echo what’s already been said in the blogging world. TechPP is an exception.

Started off as a one man team, today, Raju’s blog has an editorial team of five, who works from around the world. It has more than 3000 articles and hits more than 1 Million page views a month. He’s among the most influential bloggers according to a recent article by Economic Times, and rightly so.

I had a chance to talk with him on his journey, about how he turned to professional blogging and his leanings so far (also many other things).

Here is an audio version of the interview. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

P.S – Like many other things, this podcast series too is an experiment of mine. It does not follow standard rules or format and is completely organic. A lot of mistakes and bloopers included – don’t forget to laugh them off.

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