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Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

AuthorMani Karthik

In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I've learnt on this blog. From productivity to spirituality and everything in between. I quit my cozy job in Silicon Valley to pursue blogging & is an Entrepreneur now. I help startups grow & teach people blogging.

What do you do?


Every party, every meet-up.. if there’s one question you want to dodge, it is this. “So, what do you do?” What people really mean is what do you do to earn a living? Or.. How do you make money? Or.. What is your social status in comparison to me? Either way, it’s a question to judge you. Instead of this, I think people (including me) should ask.. “So, what have you...

Return to India Checklist & FAQ


I returned to India from the USA in 2017 end. While trying to find information about the whole process, I decided to roll up my sleeves and share my experience, list out the process, tools and learnings in an article, so that others benefit. I ended up creating the Back to India website, an amazing WhatsApp and Telegram group (invites available) and this article. This article is made with the...

Visiting USA – A Guide for First Timers


I’ve lived in the US for about 6 years. Also visited it couple of times for work and leisure (on visit visa). And I share a lot of my experience on my blog. Perhaps because of this, lot of people ask keep me about visiting USA. What is the process involved, things to keep in mind etc. In this article, I thought I’ll write up everything I’ve learned over the years about visiting...

The Thing About Life, Nobody Ever Tells You


“And they lived happily ever after.” – This is the biggest lie you ever heard (or one of them). From fairytales to fantasies, we’re all conditioned to believe that life is all about perfection. The perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect wife, the perfect home. But life is anything but perfect. Perfection is just our excuse. It’s a mask we wear ‘cos we...

Punjab Grill Review: Authentic Punjabi Cuisine in Kochi


So, the other day, I visited the new Punjabi Grill restaurant that opened at Lulu Mall, Kochi. You know, the one on the second floor, next to Hamley’s and stuff. On the first look, it looked very upscale and polished, with lot of space inside and amazing decor. Everything was in deep black and gold! Nice taste right there. I was greeted well as I entered and the floor manager Mr.Arun took...

Redmi 4 Review: A Good Smartphone at an Affordable Price


Xiaomi is an international smartphone maker that has always tried to provide cost effective devices, using less-expensive components. In July 2013, Xiaomi launched a budget smartphone line, Redmi, that used the company’s MIUI operating system, based on Android. The phones from this line can be easily distinguished due to their small screen size, which is usually 5 inches, as compared to the Redmi...

Redmi 5 Review: A Good Looking Smartphone with 3 RAM Variants


Xiaomi is one smartphone company that is known to disrupt the market with its efficient devices at the low prices. Xiaomi did it once again with its Redmi 5, which was launched in the Indian market in December 2017 at a starting price of Rs.7,999. The unique thing about the Redmi 5 is that it is Xiaomi’s slimmest device in the Redmi series. In comparison with its predecessor, the Redmi 4, the 7.7...

Oppo A83 Review : Are Selfies More Important than Security?


The Oppo A83 was initially launched in the Indian markets in December 2017. The device was priced around Rs.11,000 at that time. The phone has been touted as the less costly alternative to the Oppo F5, one of the most prominent models from Oppo’s famous F series, due to the A83’s large aspect ratio and AI-powered selfie beautification feature. In 2018, an upgraded version of the previously...

Oppo F7 Review: Not Much More Than a 25 MP Selfie Camera


Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo, has established itself as a leading brand in India, having garnered quite a large fan following. Oppo’s F-series, with amazing selfie capabilities, are by far the most popular and successful phones from this brand. Oppo F7 is another selfie-centric offering, packed with great hardware. The device was launched in March 2018 in the Indian markets, with a price...

Let's make it a better life. One article at a time.

In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I learn on this blog. From productivity to personal finance, spirituality and everything in between.

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