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In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I've learnt on this blog. From productivity to spirituality and everything in between. I quit my cozy job in Silicon Valley to pursue blogging & is an Entrepreneur now. I help startups grow & teach people blogging.

How To Be Successful


I’ve got 24 hours. What’s the best and easy way to become successful? What is the secret? Where is the silver bullet? If you are thinking similar to the lines above, then you my friend…need help. Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not gonna be successful, like ever! Here’s why. Success is not an absolute target. That means, it is subjective to the person pursuing...

The One Habit That Helped Me Become More Productive Than Last Year


I’ll be honest. I was never a morning person. In school, in college, I used to be a night owl. Either wiling away time doing random things or working/studying my ass off later nights. Later on in life, I figured that it’s negatively affecting me. I’d be tired all day. Missing all the things in the morning. Late breakfast meant a weak body, etc. Ever since I moved to the US, I...

Why the f**k is nobody blogging these days?


Seen above – A totally unrelated picture. I don’t know man. I’d like to believe that they still are. Sitting deep in their comfort zones, un-moved by the listicle bandwagon, un-shaken by the video wave onslaught. Yes, they exist. But I dunno where they are. I know a few guys though. They’ve evolved. I know I still do. Heck, I’ve evolved too. Godamn, Yes! Back in...

5 Inspirational Lessons You Can Learn from SRKs Life


There is no denying that King Khan is the biggest and possibly richest superstar of Bollywood and has carved his way to success with his hard work, dedication and charming personality. In 2016, Shah Rukh Khan went on to become the highest paid actor of the Indian film industry and the 8th highest paid actor in the world. As of 2019, his net worth is estimated at around $600 million, says an...

Is it Worth Buying an iPhone in India?


Apple Inc. came into the limelight for Indians with Steve Jobs introduced the world to iPhone. Although it was launched in an already maturing smartphone market, the device was considered revolutionary. It was the world’s first true touchscreen phone. Till then, a couple of devices did allow touch functionalities with a stylus but iPhone really changed the world of smartphones. The company only...

4 Best Personal Finance Apps in India to Save Money


Managing your money wisely is a great way to ensure financial stability and preventing yourself from falling into any debt traps. The good news is that today, there are many tools to help you do just that. Research shows that 34% of the people between the ages of 18 and 34 have at least one budgeting app on their phone, says an article on Bankrate. Also read: Best stock trading apps in India...

5 Airport Hacks to Make Your Travel Worry-Free at Domestic Indian Airports


The word “airport” brings the image of a large, busy and confusing place with lots of travelers rushing from here to there! From luggage drops to tackling the boarding pass queue to security checks – the entire process can be tiresome at times, right? India is the third largest civil aviation market in the world and in 2018, Indian airports registered footfall of 341 million passengers, says an...

A Trip To Kazakhstan


So, I did a quick trip to Kazakhstan from India, with my best buddies. Here is a video documenting our experience! Kazakhstan (Almaty) surprised us with its hospitality and resources. Beautiful natural resources, well-mannered people, lots of shopping and things to do – I think everyone should visit Kazakhstan. It’s a hidden gem for travelers. What I loved about Kazakhstan...

What do you do?


Every party, every meet-up.. if there’s one question you want to dodge, it is this. “So, what do you do?” What people really mean is what do you do to earn a living? Or.. How do you make money? Or.. What is your social status in comparison to me? Either way, it’s a question to judge you. Instead of this, I think people (including me) should ask.. “So, what have you...

In my pursuit to happiness, I share everything I learn on this blog. From productivity to personal finance, spirituality and everything in between.