Awesome! Startup on a cruise ship – Where anyone can work & Live. Near Silicon Valley & No Visa issues!

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2013)

Sounds too good to be true, but the idea, is real.

blueseed features

Blueseed is creating the world’s most amazing startup community for entrepreneurs, on a cruise ship 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international waters.

The location is unique that it allows startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to launch or grow their companies near Silicon Valley, without the need for a U.S. work visa.

The ship will be converted into a coworking and co-living space, and will have high-speed Internet access and daily transportation to the mainland via ferry boat. So far, over 1400 entrepreneurs from 68 countries have expressed interest in living on Blueseed.

Blueseed is currently preparing to launch and is inviting startups for 2014.

What would be on board?

  • 1500 passengers capacity (lower beds)
  • 1000 entrepreneurs intended occupancy / 300+ startups
  • 200 community support staff: legal & other service providers, mentors, wellness coaches, researchers & investors in residence etc.
  • 200 crew
  • 200 meters (650 ft.) long
  • 27m (90ft.) wide
  • 4700 m² (50,000 sq. ft.) planned indoor co-working space and 3200 m² (34,000 sq. ft.) public space
  • 40,000 – 50,000 gross tons
  • Amenities: restaurants, bars, lounges, cafes, pub, theater/stage, fitness center and gym, spa, pool, saunas and shops

The ship will be repurposed into a live/work/play environment, with large amounts of co-working space, ferry service to the mainland, and high-speed Internet access throughout.

It would be unfair not to mention the criticisms on this project. Some valid points being….managing these many people on the ship, workforce requirements, budgets, waste disposal, immigration and customs issues etc.

It’s a system I’d like to see happen, nevertheless.

Check out the official website for all the info – here.