10 Best Online Tutoring Jobs Websites to Make Money as a Tutor

Students of all ages in India are actively seeking quality tutors.

And, with improvements in teleconferencing, online tutoring has become an excellent avenue for supplementary education.

Here are some of the best websites that provide such services, which you can join as a tutor to make some extra money.  

Aim-for-A Tutoring

Aim-for-A, based in USA, accepts applicants from all countries.

Teaching is provided via Skype and Indian tutors must be prepared to work at odd hours to accommodate students from North America, Australia or Europe.

Tutors need prior teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree in the subject they wish to teach.   

Buddy School

This website acts as a platform for teachers and students to connect with each other. Tutors don’t need any prior experience in teaching to use this service.

All they need to do is create and maintain a profile, which costs $1 per month.

You can also advertise your profile by paying additional charges.


To become an EduWizardS tutor, you need a bachelor’s degree along with thorough knowledge of the subject.

Once a tutor is approved, they can set their own charges. You can earn around $15-$20 per hour, but the website takes a percentage of the earnings.

My Private Tutor

This company, based in West Bengal, provides students and teachers a platform for online as well as in-home tutoring.

Although there is no cost for signing-up on this website as a teacher, you need to pay a subscription fee to acquire students.

The subscription makes you eligible for a variety of services, such as SMS notifications containing contact details of the students, as well as video and chat services.


Transtutors provides the opportunity for part-time or full-time online tutoring from home for teachers with an advanced degree.

The company also offers work for those who can provide written help with homework.

Trivium Education Services

Based in New Delhi, this company provides job opportunities for online tutors, graders, item writers and educational content developers, as well as sales and business development professionals.

The online tutoring jobs can be office-based or work-from-home, depending on the preference of the tutor.

Tutor India

Tutor India is a free platform for online tutoring, where tutors can create profiles for students to choose from. Students make payments directly to their tutors.


TutorVista is based in Bangalore but its market is spread across many countries. To apply as an online tutor on this website, you need a Master’s degree and prior teaching experience. You can choose to teach English, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.


Vedantu is a major player in the online education market in India. It offers one-to-one/many and InstaLearn courses to students from Class 6 to 12 for Maths, Science and various entrance exams.

The company charges 10% of the earnings of the tutors for providing its services.


Widely used by Indian students, BharatTutors provides the ideal platform for student-teacher interactions.

Tutors can teach in the evenings on weekdays or on the weekend. The company does not charge any fee for its services.

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