10 Must Have Android Apps for People Of San Francisco

If you are a resident of San Francisco and want to find more about the city, you would find plenty of information on the internet. However, do we actually have the time to check things about our city? Given the time constraint, you can now use a number of apps that are designed exclusively for San Francisco people. These apps are so much fun that even if you are coming here for the first time, you will love using them.

Here are 10 android apps that will help you know more about the city and discover many unknown aspects of San Francisco.

1. San Francisco City Guide

This is an app from the extremely popular travel site, TripAdvisor. This app is popular for a number of reasons besides being free. After the initial update, you can use the app offline, as well. Find the best restaurants and hotels from hundreds of reviews and find some of the best self-guided tours. This app is GPS-based, which ensures that you would not have a tough time moving around the city.

2. Muni Alerts by Ross McFarland

This app deals with the Muni bus and train schedules in the city and helps you find a route or look for stop quit easily. All arrivals are predicted with accuracy, which ensures you can never miss a bus or a train in San Francisco while you are using this app. Also, this is a simple to use app that doesn’t have any fussy detailing.

3. CaltrainDroid


This is another app for San Francisco people that requires no network connection and offers information about Baby Bullet trains. You can find the fare indicated and can choose for the stations, while the app also highlights the next train that is available. You can also check the duration of journeys and train numbers. Within the app, you can get easy Twitter live updates.

4. ABC7 San Francisco Bay Area

This is one of the simplest and functional apps for San Francisco residents. You can find the latest news about the city, check the weather, find the scores of matches, check the flight schedules, and even check the cheap local gas prices. All of these in a single app plus the option to check the movie show timings, as well.

5. SF Weather

If you want to keep a track of the weather in the city, this is the app you are looking for. SF Weather offers you current weather conditions and gives an update for the next day for more than 18 neighborhoods. This is powered by Weather Underground and is one of the most practical apps to have on an android device.

6. San Francisco PocketGuide Inc

For those who are coming to the city for the first time, this app is perfect. With content created by professionals, you can use this app to have a real guided tour of San Francisco with all the attractions and ‘things to do’ included. You can use this app on android without any internet connection.

7. San Francisco by Lonely Planet

This is one of the paid apps for the city that comes from the much trusted Lonely Planet. You can find the best places in the city for eating out or sleeping or can even check the best shopping options. Much in Lonely Planet style, you get all information on what to see and where to go.

8. SF trees


This is an innovative and creative app for San Francisco that allows understanding the type of tree next to you. With numerous trees around the city, the app will tell you the common name of the tree along with the Latin name. With data of more than 60,000 trees, this app is perfect to boost your knowledge.

9. San Francisco Travel Guide by Triposo Travel Guides

Whether you are a resident or a tourist, this app offers you all that you would need to know about the city, including hotels, restaurants, and even mini-guides. You also have an offline map of San Francisco handy. cal

10. San Francisco Local News

This app allows you to search news from a number of channels including San Francisco Examiner, CBS San Francisco, NBC San Francisco, ABC San Francisco among others. If you are looking for news every hour, this is the app to have.

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