10 Best Animation Colleges in India

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation” – Walt Disney.

In the past, we have seen only animated cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, etc. Nowadays animation is used on human personalities in such a way that we could not figure out whether it is real or animated. The animation is nothing but the process of creating a continuous motion and changes in the shape of the figure or image. The motion is not a real one but it is only an illusion that is achieved by rapidly changing the set of static images. Change in shape is done by using different images.

The animation field has got a bright future especially in the film and television industry and many colleges in India teach animation techniques including 2D animation,3D animation and provides a degree certificate for the same. Let’s look at some of the best animation colleges in India.

Best Colleges To Learn Animation in India

Let’s start with the first one.

Special Mention

IIFA -Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation

IIFA Bangalore offers B.Sc & M.Sc in Animation covering all the latest in animation technology. They offer international job placement assistance also with Lancaster placement cell. Based out of Bangalore, they offer a lot other courses as well. Check out their website for more details.

Official website: https://iifamultimedia.in/

Contact: +91 9845632009

1. Arena Multimedia

Arena Multimedia is one of the reputed and popular institutes for learning animation and was established in the year 1996. The head office is located in Mumbai and its centers are located all over India in almost every state. It also offers placement assistance for the students. Arena also offers a bachelor’s degree in animation by collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University.


– Arena Animation International Program (AAIP ) : The course covers all the fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation,digital sculpting,image magic,design visualization etc.The duration of the course is approximately 33 months and the classes are held only for 3 days a week.

– Animation film making (DAE): The course covers character animation, digital sketching, photographic techniques, stop motion animation etc. The duration of the course is approximately 23 months and the classes are held only for 5 days a week.

– B.A. in VFX & Animation : The course covers 3D animation,Visual effects(VFX) etc.


The candidate should hold Higher Secondary school certificate.

2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)

MAAC is one of the top-seeded institutes in India founded in the year 1991. It provides high-quality education and offers placement assistance for the students.MAAC has many centers located all over India.


– AD3D EDGE Advanced program in 3D animation (24 months) : The topics include 3D Tracking & Match Moving,Character Set-up & Skinning,Stop-Motion etc.
– D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation(18 months) : The topics include 3D Character Development,Character Animation,Particle Dynamics etc.
– DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking (12 months) : The topics include Modeling & Texturing,Stop Motion,Character Setup & Skinning etc.
– Design VizPro – Program in Architectural Design: The topics include 3D Design, Animation, Hyper-realistic Rendering, etc

3. Picasso Animation College

PAC was founded in the year 2009 and has earned a good reputation in the animation industry. It has centers located in Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Chandigarh.


– BSc in Animation & VFX(3 years) : The course includes 2D Animation,various Digital Methodologies,Character Design etc.
– M.Sc in Multimedia ( 2 years ) : The course includes project-oriented training in 3D animation.
– Diploma in advanced film making (16 months): The course includes Modeling, texturing, character design, etc.


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate for a BSc degree and hold a graduate degree for MSc.

4. Global School of Animation and Games

GSAG is the largest institute in India for animation and was founded in 2009. It is located in New Delhi. It has a good infrastructure and has all the latest technologies used in animation.


– BSc in Animation (3 years)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

5. Webel DQE Animation Academy

WebelDQ is a joint venture of the west Bengal government and DQ Entertainment Limited. It is the largest animation studio in Asia located in Kolkata.


– 2D Diploma in Animation film making (12 months)
– Specialist program 2D digital animation (6 months)
– 3D Diploma in Animation film making (12 months)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

6. Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)

ZICA is owned by Zee network, a leading media, and entertainment company. The head office is located in Mumbai and it has centers in other parts of India also. It offers undergraduate courses in animation.


– B.Sc in Animation and Visual Effects (3 years)
– B.Sc in Animation and Film making (3 years)
– B.Sc in Visual effects Film making (3 years)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

7. Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA)

IIDAA is a government-affiliated college for animation courses and it is the first one to be affiliated. It is located in Kolkata and has a collaboration with Gulbarga University. It uses all the latest software and technologies in the animation field.


– Bachelors degree in Animation & Film making (3 years)
– Masters degree in Animation & Film making (2 years)


The candidate should hold Higher Secondary school certificate for Bachelors’s degree and hold a graduate degree for Masters.

8. Whistling Woods International Institute

WWI is owned by the popular Bollywood director Subash Ghai and was started in the year 2006. It has got a dedicated division for the animation field named the WWI school of animation.


Graduate Program in Animation – BSc in Digital Filmmaking (3 years)
–  Diploma in Visual effects – VFX (2 years)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

9. Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects

Frameboxx was started in the year 2007 with the motive of providing expert training in the Animation & visual effects field. It is located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh. It offers placement assistance for the students.


– Red Boxx 1: Career Specialization Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects (20 months)
– Red Boxx 2 – Diploma in Animation & VFX (12 months)
– Green Boxx 1 – Certificate Course in Animation & VFX Specialization(8 months)
– B.Sc degree in Multimedia & Animation (3 years)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

10. Toonz Academy

Toonz is one of the popular animation institutes in Kerala and was founded in 2002. It offers short term as well as career-oriented courses in animation.


– Advanced Diploma in Digital Arts and Animation (12 Months)
– 3D Finishing Program (6 Months)
– Certificate Course in Digital 2D Animation (3 Months)


The candidate should hold a Higher Secondary school certificate

Fees for Animation Colleges in India

Many people keep asking me what is the fees for learning animation in India, especially the colleges listed above. Here is an estimate..

NID Ahemdabad – Rs. 2,00,000/year (approx)

IIT Bombay – Rs. 60,000/year

DSK Supinfocom – Rs. 8.5  lakh per year

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics – Rs. 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.

I’ve listed contacts of all the colleges mentioned above, please contact them directly for updated fees.

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  1. Jinal Shah

    Hi Mani,
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    Surely, Arena Animation is one of the popular Animation Institutes. They offer various courses like Animation, VFX, Gaming and more. Also, they focus on providing hands-on training from the industry experts.
    To checkout the courses offered by Arena Animation visit, https://www.arena-multimedia.com/in/en/courses

  2. Ishaan Joshi

    That’s great!
    Apart from these colleges, I have heard much about Arena Animation.

    Arena Animation is a well-known animation training institute with over 25 years of experience in the industry. They offer courses in animation, VFX, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, and more. Their programs are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical training to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

  3. Sushant

    What do you think about Pearl academy.

  4. Mohuya

    Wooo Hoooo… I am a student of Arena Animation Barrackpore, Kolkata
    Feeling so proud to see my institute as number 1.

    Thanks Mani Karthik

  5. Samesindia11

    Hello sir, Sahara Academy of Media & Entertainment Studies is the best VFX training institute in Hyderabad. They are providing VFX, Animation, Gaming, Multimedia, Digital Film Making.

  6. John Smith

    the list college are so good.but please tell me which is the best college among the list?

  7. krutika shah

    Hello sir which is Animation institute in Best for the Animation courses Maacindia, Zica-Borivali, Frameboxx, arena-multimedia?


    Hi Sir,
    I Am Chandan S
    I Want To study in Mumbai
    Which Course is better for Carrier – “Animation” or “VFX” or “Multimedia” to Learn in Mumbai
    and which is the best college in Mumbai.
    Please give me the clarity for my huge Confusion.

  9. Mohd Hashim Ali

    Sir me m.com kiya hai magar me vfx me carrier banana chata hua mujhe best institute batao

  10. Mani Karthik


    I’m not entirely sure about the fees structure. Your best bet is to contact each college and find out what the latest fee structure is like.

  11. Aami

    Hello … which is the lowest fee to get bsc animation and vfx in india.. which collage is suitable

  12. Srikanth

    Hi sir
    This Srikanth from guntur and I have completed my INTER and I want to join in vfx course but my problem is in my area they have 2 institutes like pixllode and arena but I want after completing course placement for job why means vfx course is 14months (plz sir help me which is the best institute for me vfx help me sir) I m waiting for u valuable ans sir plz

  13. dimbu

    i am from andhrapradesh . i completed my b.tech in cse like to jon animations whats the best cource in animation and best college in andhrapradesh

  14. sinu pradhan

    sir I m sinu from surat

    can u plz suggest me the best institute in surat for vfx animation course

  15. sinu pradhan

    yes you can do it after intermediate

  16. Akshaya

    Hi karthick 🙂 . I am akshaya. Ur post was very useful . I need to thank u 4 that. But I need a favour.. I can’t afford colleges with very high fee.. A lakh a year is too much to ask from my dad. Can u please suggest a college which offers character designing with low expensive?


    SIR, which is best and perfect 3d animation collage in mumbai?

  18. Mani Karthik

    No Mirza,

    You will need a visa though.

  19. Mani Karthik

    Plenty of colleges mentioned above Jyothi. Check them out!

  20. Mani Karthik


  21. Pavan

    Best institutes In Bangalore and Mysore

  22. Mani Karthik

    Good choice, please check with the institutes above. They all have great courses you can take up after your studies.

  23. Mani Karthik

    Sorry I couldn’t understand you. Can you rephrase please?

  24. Mani Karthik

    Please check the institutes mentioned above.

  25. Rahul Pratap

    Sir mujhe animation and vfx me apna career bnana h so aap please mujhe koi acha institut suggest kre

  26. pankaj kumar

    Sir mai ne B A complete kar leya hai mai animation kanra chhata hu mere liye kon sa branch achha hoga plz sir reply me
    Aur mai kolkata se karna chhata hu sir

  27. manoj kumar

    sir this course intermediate after learn possible or not reply me sir

  28. Shubu

    Sir i have completed my 10th and completing my diploma of computer science ….mjhe vfx field me jana h kya aap mjhe bta skte h meri edu. Ke baad kuch achee courses vfx me

  29. Prasun Priyadarshi

    I am from Patna and I want to take admission in Vissual Effects
    suggest any best college in DELHI or BANGLORE

  30. Ritto

    In Framebox. Staff not well
    Bad infrastructure

  31. Jyothi

    I have finished my graduation in physical science and am looking for a MSc in animation.
    Can you suggest an institute preferably in south India ?

  32. mirza asif

    can a pakistani student get admission in these above institutes?
    any special criteria or or objection ?

  33. Bpsjadoun

    Which is the best choice after 12th, diploma in animation or bsc animation ?
    Also tell if there is any government college which provides degree/diploma in animation as fee in private institutes is quite expensive.

  34. Mani Karthik

    Sure, check the list mentioned above.

  35. Mani Karthik

    VFX colleges abroad (US, NZ, AUS) are well equipped than many of the ones in India. But there are also places like Pentamedia which offer hands on experience with certain projects which uses high end devices.

  36. Mani Karthik

    Vishnu, try Frameboxx in Bangalore.

  37. Mani Karthik

    There are some good Animation colleges in Ahmedabad. Try Arena Multimedia.

  38. Mani Karthik

    Try any of the colleges mentioned above. Which city are you in?

  39. Mani Karthik

    Most of the colleges mentioned above provides BSc in Animation. Whistling woods is an example.

  40. babulal

    can u tell the best collage university in india for b.sc. animation

  41. thamo

    can u tell the best collage university in india fo visual effect


    My son want to vfx
    We are at Ahmedabad
    Any good Institute Suggest by You

  43. vishnu

    can u guys suggest me a good animation(VFX) college in banglore…..

  44. Raj Somani

    Hi, Mani.
    Thanks for the Informative Structure. But would be helpful if you could also alaborate on the capacity of the institutions for its technical abilities.
    What about the Best VFX Institutes abroad which are affliated with Indian Institutes.

  45. Susmita

    Sir is there any good animation college in pune n kolkata with good job opportunity.

  46. Mani Karthik

    Thanks Rishi.

  47. Rishi Aacharya

    Hello Mr. Mani

    It is really an informative post by you where you have given names of these institutes. but as your title said Top College , We are Visual Element Design Academy running UG and PG courses in animation and multimedia affiliated with Universities. If possible please include our name in this list as well.

    Our website is http://www.veda-edu.com

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