20 Tips To Dress Like A Hipster

dress-like-hipster “How to dress like a hipster?” is one of the most frequently searched fashion queries on search engines like Google. The hipster scene is all about being counter-culture and not conforming to mainstream culture or fashion. In a way, it’s ironic that it has become such a huge part of popular culture. Fashion critics have compared hipsters to the hippies of the 60s.

Here are 20 tips to help you look like a true hipster:

Buy vintage: Hipsters buy their clothes mainly from vintage boutiques. Any clothing item or accessory that is “old” is considered hipster. It’s important to get inspiration from the retro 60s, 70s and even 80s look to pull the look off.

Thick-rimmed glasses: Have you noticed that most hipsters wear glasses? Many are too large for their faces and usually have thick frames. Well, it’s certainly not because they have bad eye-sight. Every hipster needs a pair of glasses that don’t have prescription lens. Your shades should also be in the same style as your spectacles. Wayfarers are the preferred pair of shades.

Converse sneakers: You’ll need a pair of old-looking Converse sneakers if you want to look like a true hipster. Remember the older, the better. They’re worn with everything-skirts to jeans.

Boots: No matter what season it is, you’ll need a pair of boots that look like you’ve worn them every day for the last five years. It’ll be uncomfortable on hot days but that’s a price you’ll have to pay!

Skinny pants: Every hipster needs skinny pants. You can choose whatever color you like but to look like a genuine hipster, you need a couple of pairs in basic black.

High-waisted clothes: Skirts and pants with high waists are all the rage among this crowd. You can pair them off with Converse sneaks or a pair of black leather boots.

T-shirts: These are a must-have in every hipster’s closet. You can wear t-shirts that have cartoons on them or old ones that have rips and tears on them. T-shirts that have huge arm holes are also a must if you want this look.


Checkered shirts: These shirts are a staple in every hipster’s wardrobe. Make sure that you do not iron it and if it looks like you threw it on because it was the first thing you saw, you’ve got the look right.

Hats: If you’re going to wear a hat, make sure it’s a fedora-style one that is perched casually on your head. They’re not meant to protect you from the sun but are a fashion statement that will complete your hipster look.

Belts: Belts are another necessity when you’re trying to look like a hipster. A run-of-the-mill belt won’t do. You need a belt that makes a bold statement. Big and bright-colored belts are best.

Bags: If you’re going to carry a bag with your hipster outfit, you need to make sure that it goes with the rest of what you’re wearing. A big hippy-chic bag with fringes and reminiscent of the 60s is ideal for the hipster look.

Other accessories: The accessories that you wear should be bold and bright. If it looks like something that you found in a thrift store or if it looks like something that you made on your own, you’re definitely doing it right!


Now that we’ve got the clothes and accessories, we move on to how to really pull the look off. Here are a few tips to follow to be hipster-chic:

Mix and match: Since the hipster look is all about being unique, make sure that every thing isn’t too well-coordinated.

Don’t try too hard: To get the hipster look down pat, make sure that you don’t try too hard to get the look. It’s all about casual and effortless appeal.

Vintage and modern mix: You don’t have to be dressed in vintage clothes from head to toe. A few pieces of retro-style clothing or accessories will do.

What to wear: You can wear a pair of cut-off denim shorts with a pair boots or Converse sneaks and top it off with a T-shirt and leather jacket. If you don’t want to wear a leather jacket, go for a military-style one.

What not to wear: Don’t wear anything that’s too trendy. Remember that the hipster style is all about not following trends.

Attitude: The clothes are the first thing that people see. Your attitude is what is going to pull the whole thing together. It’s all about having a laid-back attitude.

Where to shop: If vintage boutiques are too pricey for you, you can try checking out second-hand and thrift stores to find old clothing that will be perfect for the hipster look.

Layering: To get the genuine hipster look, you’ll need to know how to layer your clothes. You need to make sure that every layer is worn to get the hipster vibe going.

Now that you know how to dress like a hipster, you can start making your own fashion rules the way every hipster does!

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