20 Tips to Boost Memory Power

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Elephants are known to have amazing memory power. But that is not our problem today. You will get a lot of tips when you are learning how you can improve your memory. Some of them are fairly simple to implement and you will find out that it works extremely well.

Tips to Boost Memory Power

The following techniques are extremely powerful and can help you improve your brain energy and memory in little to virtually no time at all.

20 Tips to Boost Memory Power

Term Association

One of the favorite techniques you would love to use is image association. Now you should use this for anything, but it works perfectly with faces as well as names. If you’ve trouble recalling somebody’s name after the first time you met, this method will aid in remembering their names.

Repeater Association

Another powerful method you can learn to improve storage power is through repetitive association. This is pretty simple, also it works amazingly fine. When we first meet a person, try to repeat the person’s name several times during the conversation or after in order to create a memory in our brain.

Write It Down

Write things on a piece of paper or napkin. When you write things you implant the memories into your brain, as well as serve as a reminder for you.

Handle stress

Stress doesn’t only add years to your age, it will also have a toll on your health along with memory. Stress is a part of life, but learning how you can manage it is a good start in improving your storage and learning abilities.

Improve your storage

One of the techniques which you can use to improve your memory and learning would be to associate things you need to remember to something that you’re familiar with. For example, you are able to remember people’s titles by associating it with something which sounds-alike.

Make use of repetition

One of the techniques to help boost the working of your mind is by repeating. When you listen to something often, you tend to store it in your mind easily. Thus, if you wish to remember something, repeat it to yourself and you’ll eventually remember all of them easily.

Use visual images

Indeed, you can very easily remember things if you’re able to ‘see’ it in your thoughts. Thus, learning how to visualize that information you want to learn is among the powerful tips to enhance memory.

Use mnemonics

If you’re able to still remember Roy Grams in your own science class, you’ll surely know the colors of the rainbow pretty very easily. Mnemonics is an excellent tool that will help you remember points easily.

Construct mental endurance

If you feel you’re on the brink of stopping to see a book, simply because your willpower says so, try extending a while to read 3 much more or 5 much more pages. It’s giving an extension of the attention span.

Think one exercise or a move

Think of one exercise or a move to make at a time. Do not attempt to create a lot of to-do lists. Prioritize your tasks first & accomplish one task after the other.

Do not procrastinate

Do not procrastinate. Never put off things you’ll want to do now. Do the thing first that is ought to be done now.

Look at the points and situations

Take a look at things and situations as though it was the very first and last. When taking a look at a beautifully landscaped area, marvel at the artist’s design and learn how to appreciate the whole of it as if this were your last day.

Organize things that you experienced

Organize things that you experienced. Your personal belongings along with other documents, the points you regularly perform, payments, and events you’ll want to attend.

Erase bad thoughts

Erase negative ideas within you.

Group item together

Grouping or chunking information together can help you remember them. If you remember that you’ll buy fruits, you’ll most probably keep the entire to-do list for this reason.

Perform some type of relaxation

Perform some type of relaxation every now and then. Anaerobic exercise with friends may somehow release muscle mass and brain pressure.

Concentrate on remembering

Often we do not learn people’s names in the beginning because we aren’t focusing on remembering them. If you make a conscious effort to remember such things, you’ll do far better.

Train yourself

Train yourself to be more observant with the finer details of a thing. Look carefully at things instead of a glance.

Engage in memory games

Engage in memory games. In this way, your mind is trained to remember and memory is enhanced.

Healthy relationships with others

Healthy relationships with others can improve storage power. Relationships promote our brain to work better. You will get memory-boosting effects when you interact socially with people.

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