20 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is a basic characteristic of all living things. All the living beings communicate with one another in their own community and for that they need a language which is essentially understood well among them. Communication among humans is different and they are required to take care of many things before communicating with anyone. The personality of a person depend upon many things including communication skill, probably also the most important one.

Improvement in the communication skill is always possible. The following tips can be effective in improving your communication skills:

  1. Knowing the language is the most important tip. It can help you to express your idea properly in that language. You can convey your thoughts to more and more people comfortably.

  2. Listening to other speakers can help you get valuable idea of expressing your words powerfully and impressively.


  3. Make notes while you listen to others. It can help you to gather ideas which you can use while speaking. 

  4. Reading communicative books and magazines can also be beneficial for you. This can help you learn better skill in communication.

  5. Being a good learner can be helpful to you in order to get impressive delivery of speech. You must never stop learning. The process of improvement shall continue for the entire life.

  6. Watching newscast on the television can be beneficial for you as the people there are highly skilled in communication. You can learn a lot of things from them in a short period of time.

  7. You must try to speak well with clear voice and clearer pronunciation. These are important for making others feel good about you.

  8. Improving your knowledge would be highly advisable. This can bring maturity for your speaking abilities and you would be more acceptable to others.

  9. Broadening the knowledge can be done by researching ideas on different topics. Thus, you can gather information before speaking on a particular topic or idea.

  10. Getting tense under pressure while speaking can affect your communication skill. You should be able to release any type of pressure while talking with others.

  11. You must have a positive attitude while speaking. It will prepare a good image on your listeners.

  12. You must limit your conversation after a certain level when you run-out of ideas. Repeating an idea can be boring for your listener.

  13. You must focus on the subject matter well. Your fluency on the subject matter should be more convincing for your listener. You can also feel better with your consistency on the subject matter.

  14. Your body language is an important part of your communication as it reflects your confidence a lot. You must have a decent body language which should have its own effect on your listener.

  15. You must not ask frequent questions while speaking to a person. It can make your listened feel irritated a little. However, you can ask meaningful questions if necessary. 

  16. Do not cross your limits. It can be harmful for the effectiveness of your communication skill. You can be more acceptable to your listener by limiting your speech.

  1. Give some opportunity for your listener to talk. Otherwise, your listener can get offended as he also has some opinion on certain topics. Your listener must feel comfortable in case he finds that you are paying attention towards his words as well.

  2. Respect the speech of your listener. This can also make your listener respect your speech as well. It can make him understand your point of view as well.  

  3. Be patient while you are trying to resolve a conflict of any kind. If your attitude is violent then you can add to the conflict instead of solving it.

  4. Be open-minded and try not to interrupt others while they are speaking.    

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