How To Write Your Own Book – 20 Tips

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Writing a book is not that hard if you know how to go about it. This is where this post would come in handy. The 20 tips mentioned below, would help you churn out a book, easily. Hence, let us take a look at the same.

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1. The basic idea is the most important part

Think of a message or storyline, which you would want to convey through your book. This would allow you to frame the story accordingly.

2. Find out who your target audience is

Make sure that you have fixed a target audience for your book. This would help you write better. Children’s books are obviously not the same as books meant for teenagers. The storyline, content, and style of writing differ according to the target audience.

3. Be an expert

Try to be an expert first on the topic that you would talk about, in your book. This would help you, pen your thoughts properly.

4. Consider the market you’re in

Make sure that the market that you are writing the book for is full of potential buyers; otherwise, the project would be of no use.

5. Learn more about the subject

You would first need to gather information for the project, pertaining to the subject.

6. Do your homework

Writing a book is not that easy and hence, if you are planning to make it a success, you would have to do proper research work. This homework would help you organize the initial information.

7. Organize content into chapters

Organizing the content into few chapters is of vital importance. You would have to be sure of the things that you would like to discuss in each of the chapters.

8. Organize the key points

Once you are done segregating the basic idea into separate chapters, write down the key points of each chapter and the characters involved in the same.

9. Elaborate & explain well

Once you are done penning down the key points, you are free to write the body of each chapter. The key points would come in handy during this stage, as they would tell you what to write in each of the chapters.

10. Follow the idea

Some people get sidetracked while writing a book or novel and end up complicating the story. Hence, try to stick to the basics of the story and follow the idea that you had initially planned.

11. Set up a schedule

Instead of writing whenever you get time, try to set up a schedule for writing the same. This would help you write better.

12. Edit. Edit. Edit

Try not to lose patience while writing on a book as you would have to edit the complete write-up quite a few times.

13. Add other portions

Once you have completed writing the body of the book and finished editing it, you may add few extra pages as the Preface, Introduction and the Acknowledgements section.

14. Reread many times

Rereading helps a lot, while you are writing a book. This would give you an idea if you have done justice to the points and the storyline. Hence, after completing the entire work, do give it a thorough read to know how it went.

15. Try some music

Writing a book can often lead to boredom and hence play some nice classical track (or music that you like) in the background while you are at work.

16. Set appropriate word counts

Before you begin writing, set up a word count that you would want the chapters to be roughly around.

17. Set deadlines in advance

Most of the times, people become restless while writing a book and quit it before finishing the work. This is where deadlines come in handy. Fix proper deadlines for every chapter and finish writing the same within that stipulated timeframe.

18. Get early feedback

Initial or early feedback is very good. The compliments and criticisms from friends and family would help you write better and avoid mistakes.

19. Start small

If you are an amateur and writing a book for the first time, make sure that you start small. A small story would help you understand the basics of writing and know more about the publishing industry.

20. Find the right workplace

Having a nice comfortable writing desk would help you write at peace. Experts believe that a small quiet study room (within the house) or your library is the perfect place for writing a book as they have the right ambiance.

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