10 Best 3G Data Plans in India

Update: BSNL just announced that it is offering high speed internet with 20 GB of 3G data at Rs 50. Mobile data is probably the most in-demand thing these days, after money. Enough is never enough with mobile data.

With apps like Whatsapp and Facebook eating up data like anything, everybody needs more data. Unfortunately, unlimited data plans are not available to everyone. The good news however, is that mobile 3G internet plans are plenty and they’re very generous. Well, sort of.

Update: Most of these plans are not outdated as companies have moved to 4G technology.

Check out the 4G Internet plans and High speed internet plans in India.

Best Mobile Internet 3G Data Plans in India

Let’s start with AirTel.

Airtel Data Plans

Airtel has numerous data packages but they have the tendency to hike their prices frequently. It’s a perfectly trusted network and its connectivity is spread over all over India. With the introduction of 3G plans they have sought to provide speedy internet at reasonable cost. They are offering 150MB data plan at a cost of Rs 45 for a period seven days in their pre-paid plan. Another interesting one is for 300 MB plan for 30 days at only Rs 100.

More details here.

Tata Docomo Data Plans for Mobile

Mobile data plans

Tata Docomo continues to woo its users with Docomo’s technology and Tata’s trust. One of their mobile plan is 600MB that is valid for a period of 30 days at a cost of Rs 128. If you wish to avail higher speed plan then you could also opt for 1GB plan at a cost of 175 for a period of 30 days. But if you are not a regular internet surfer but you wish to avail a speedy network then the 50MB plan at a cost of Rs 5 per day would be apt.

MTNL’s Mobile Internet Data Plan

MTNL offers quality 3G services that enable you to stream videos, live matches, or even play online games. They have daily, weekly, monthly data plans for its customers, and the prices vary depending on its features. The most reasonable one is for Rs 4 with data usage of 40MB and validity of just 1 day. If you wish to spend more you could opt the 500MB plan which costs Rs 42 but its validity is just 3 days. The most economical one would be Rs 99 monthly which allows a data usage of 500MB. Customers with more data usage can also opt for an Rs850 plan that gives you a total of 10GB for a period of 30 days.

MTNL Official site.

BSNL’s Data Package

BSNL continues to be one of the cheapest mobile operators currently running in India. They charge 2p/10KB for their prepaid customers and comes with free national roaming as well as no hidden costs. Their most reasonable package is 300MB plan for a period of 30 days which will cost you Rs 105. People with higher usage can go for a 1GB plan for Rs 155 valid for 30 days.

BSNL Official site.

Idea Cellular

Idea has offered to its users unlimited internet up to 4GB at the rate of 21.1Mbps. After crossing the limit the speed would reduce to 128kbps till 6GB and once it moves past this level it will slow down to 20kbps. A plan of 300MB valid for 30 days is available at a cost of Rs 103 but if you wish to gain higher speed in connectivity you could opt the Rs 251 plan which gives you 1GB with a validity of 30 days.

Idea Official site.

MTS Data Plans

MTS has numerous high speed plans which can be chosen as per the requirement of the customer. One  of its plans is for Rs 798 for of 6GB which is valid for one month. Here after you have used up all 6GB the speed will be normal. In this case this plan promises to be better as in most other plans the speed tends to reduce. Another plan is for Rs1898 of 12GB which is for a period of 2 months. In this plan after usage of 6GB the speed will be normal.

MTS Official site.

Aircel Mobile Internet

Aircel has some interesting prepaid plans and they have special offers too. Its network is spread across India so you don’t have to worry about connectivity. You can decide a plan according to your budget as well as requirement. One interesting plan is for Rs 135 for a period of 5 days with a data benefit of 40MB. There are also some offers that go with new 3G device. This includes a Nokia 3GB which gives the validity of one month for 1GB. Another one is Samsung 3GB with a validity of one month for 1GB and Blackberry handset that gives free service after one month of purchase.

Official details.

Reliance Mobile Data Plans

Reliance offers some of the best 3G plans and is far cheaper than some of its competitors. Their services are excellent and with affordable tariff plans, they are a much sought out telephone operator.

You can get superfast internet up to 21Mbps and has multimedia services that allow video calling. It’s “My best plan 3G data plan” offers 6GB data and on completing this limit the users will avail normal speed. This is a good plan as users will not be troubled by an extra bill.

Official website.

Vodafone Data Plans

Vodafone has been one of the top leaders in the telecommunication field and is known for its good customer service. Their 3G plan includes a 300MB data plan for Rs 102 which is valid for a month. As the price of the plan increases the benefits accompanying it also improves. Now at a cost of Rs 451 you can avail data plan for 2GB with one-month validity.

Now if you are ready to spend more than this, you could opt for a 3GB plan which will cost you Rs 850 with a validity of two months. Plans maybe a little expensive but their connectivity is pretty good and as such, they enjoy a good reputation in the market.

Official website.

Aircel 3G data plan for USB data card

The USB data card of Aircel offers an unlimited plan at 1250 at a speed of 3.6mbps which is valid for one month. All other plans under Aircel may seem to be a little costly and come with lower data.

Official website here.

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  2. Truth

    However, whether Private or Government Telecommunication Company is there any Communication Company give Unlimited 3G plan, beside JIO ?

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    I’m an Airtel customer with a prepaid connection.
    Whenever I want more talktime I just recharge with Rs 249, 300 or … which has an unlimited validity.
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    I’m not much of a smartphone user, so please keep your answer simple, please.

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    Airtel 2G Provide unlimited 1hr. @Rs.5.

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    Do you know if any of the mobile operators offer an unlimited use data plan for a limited time? Example free WhatsApp for 30 minutes (the package does not count or cap MB or GB)

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