How To Get Better Sleep – 5 Tips

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Not being able to sleep when you require it the most, can indeed be very agonizing. According to a recent survey, around two-thirds of women have trouble with their sleeping, every week. So, how does one get to sleep? Most of the experts believe that the cure for these sleeping difficulties remain hooked to our daily routine. It is our routine that tends to have an enormous effect on our sleeping habits. Let us delve deep and find out how we can get to sleep properly.

1. Regular routine helps in sleeping better

Hitting the bed every night at the same time, helps sleep better. This way, you would tend to get sleepy at the same time every night and thus once you lie down you would not have to toss and turn. Changing the schedule on the weekends would not help the purpose and thus sticking to the routine makes more sense.

2. Turn off all the lights

The glow of the computer screen (if left powered on) and the sliver of light sneaking through the blinds in the bedroom are enough to hamper your sleep. These do not let your brain rest and cause discomfort. Hence, feeling drowsy is not enough to make you sleep. You got to turn off every source of light before calling it a day.


3. Say no to an erratic meal

An erratic meal schedule puzzles the body and thus it fails to understand when to send the sleep signal. Doing things out of the body routine tends to affect the body clock and thus you start experiencing sleeping disorders.

4. Drinking late at night

Alcohol is considered to be a depressant and thus drinking till late in the night might make it easy for you to sleep. But, once the effect of the alcohol dies down, you may experience interruption in sleep. Hence, it is better if you avoid alcohol to sleep better. In fact, experts believe that if you quit the habit of drinking late at night, you might actually sleep better.

5. Any bed time ritual

Try to calm down and relax. Avoiding anxiousness holds the key to sleep better. Bed time rituals as a warm glass of milk, a cup of herbal tea or your favorite dessert is a good way of telling the body that you are done for the day.

Following these tips would definitely help you get to sleep, but definitely with time.

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