6 Best Affiliate Networks in India

Would you have ever guessed that India stands at #1 in the world in terms of affiliate networks? In fact, in 2016, affiliates accounted for over 15% of the total online retail sales in the country. So, how do you get yourself a piece of this seemingly lucrative pie? The key is to choose from the best Indian networks.

Best Affiliate Networks in India

Let’s start. Here are the best affiliate networks in India.

Amazon Associates (India):

The Amazon Associates program is possibly the largest and most successful affiliate program in the world. The reason for this could be that Amazon pays its affiliates for all products a visitor might purchase from the Amazon website following the affiliate’s link and not just for the specific product that a particular affiliate might be promoting. The program offers up to 15% commissions on referrals, making it one of the highest paying networks. Amazon also offers some great tools and apps to help you keep track of your progress. The best part is that you can join for free.


Launched in India in 2010, admitads is a Germany-based CPA (cost per action) affiliate company. It has been recognized as a leader, receiving the Entrepreneur India award in 2017. The positives of this network are its ease of instant payments and ability to choose from more than 100 offers for publishers. Apart from equipping you with different tools and fully personalized services, the free of cost registration is a major reason this affiliate network is so popular.


Flipkart offers commissions of every purchase made by a visitor following an affiliate link. One of the first affiliate networks in India, Flipkart Affiliate offers a wide range of product categories for promotion, along with accurate tracking, competitive commissions and timely payments. It also offers some great tools, such as product links and banners, promotional widgets and banners, APIs to access the product categories and much more.


Active in more than 30 countries, Optimise affiliate facilitates offers a network of over 1,400 top advertisers. The platform came into the limelight when it achieved a turnover of $46 million in 2016. This service provides numerous CPS, CPA and mobile offers for affiliates. It is known for its excellent customer services and technology.


An ICANN accredited firm, BIGROCK  is best for bloggers and web designers with a penchant for web hosting. Once you register for their affiliate program, you will receive a unique URL, which will the website from which you can start earning your commissions for promoting BIGROCK’s offerings. You can also use social media platforms for promotion, with almost no limits to how much you can earn on the program.


If you love travel or have a travel blog or website, this is the affiliate program for you.  Started in 2000, the renowned travel company  is now also known for the high commission rates it offers for its affiliate program.  MakeMyTrip gives its affiliates a JavaScript code or WordPress plugin that can be installed on the affiliate’s blog or website. This helps you track your leads and performance.

Although there are numerous other affiliate programs to choose from, including the ones run by leading ecommerce sites such as Snapdeal, make sure you read the fine print carefully before making a final decision.

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