10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android Phones

With the advent of smartphones, virtually anything can be done on our phones. Apart from the usual games and fun apps, there are a variety of apps that make organizing our days much easier. The need for keeping diaries and written schedules has become a thing of the past. Now, we can use alarm clock apps to make sure that we are always on time for meetings and appointments. Time alarm clock apps are useful for college students or professionals alike as they work as alarm clocks. In short, there is no limit in the way we can use Android clock apps.

10 Best Alarm clock Android apps

1. Alarm Clock Ultra


According to a large percentage of Android phone users, this clock app is one of the best. It is a great looking clock and apart from the good looks, it has a large number of cool features that givesfantastic functionality. You can customize the clock and its alarm settings.

2. Retro Clock Widget


This is a clock as well as a date widget for home screen in Android devices. Its design is based on lipping clock that is mechanical. It always looks great no matter what year it is. It can be used as a shortcut for alarm and calendar.

3. Alarm Clock Extreme


This is an app that can be used as a digital alarm clock as well as timer. It can be integrated with another new app, Stopwatch Extreme, to fulfill users need. It has features that prevent it from snoozing excessively. You can use it as a reminder as well.

4. Digital Clock

This is a digital clock that has a large display. It can be used as a bed-side clock and you can change the color and brightness to your liking whenever you want. For the alarm, you can set music or put it on vibrate mode. You can click on speaker to set alarm time.

5. DoubleTwist Alarm Clock


This clock app is definitely one of the best-looking ones, after the Ultra of course. It is simple yet highly functional. You can set your favorite song as the alarm to wake you up every morning. You can choose from two modes-flip or analog clock. It also has a dim nightstand mode. Unlike the other clock apps mentioned, this is not free to download.

6. Time is Money Alarm Clock


This is an alarm clock with brains! You can set it to punish you if you do not wake up on time. Along with the features of an alarm clock, it has added functionality that makes you wake up whether you want. You can use it to keep track of your laziness and also check your oversleep stats.

7. 3D Digital Weather Clock


This is a cool clock app widget that comes with a ton of awesome features. Apart from the alarm clock feature, you can get weather forecasts so that you can schedule your outdoor activity plans accordingly. Widgets do not work the same way that apps do on Android so you need to add them manually but you will not have too much of a problem.

8. Alarm Clock Plus


This is one of the best clock apps as it comes with loaded with awesome features and according to users, it is also the most stable. You can configure all the features and options and set it so that it is exactly how you want it to be.

9. Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock


Lightning Bug is an app that allows you to mix ambience as well as noise. It has great background and visualization as well. It comes with an awesome-looking digital clock that can be customized to your liking. You can customize the font, color, screen size and format for the date and time.

10. World Clock and Widget


This app has a widget background that can be customized to your liking so that you have one that is unique from everyone else’s. It supports multiple clocks and to top it all off, you even get feature that allows you to perform quick searches for locations.

With so many great clock apps, you can get the best one for your Android smartphone. The best part is that all the ones mentioned above, except for the doubleTwist Alarm Clock, can be downloaded for free!

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