10 Apps That Can Earn Money Doing Silly Things Online or Almost Nothing

Whenever we hear someone tell us about quick and easy ways to make some extra money, the first thing that pops into our head is that, it is a scam. However, as far as Android and iOS apps are concerned, such smart ways to earn do exist.

Below listed are 10 legit apps to earn money doing activities that require minimal to zero effort on your part, in no particular order.      


Yumchek is a free app available for Android and iOS, which adds money to your Paytm wallet in return for uploading food receipts. For every receipt that you upload, you earn Rs. 5 along with some loyalty points. These loyalty points called ‘Yumies’ can be used to win prizes through lotto.   

Screenwise Meter

Screenwise Meter is a market research program from Google. The app enables the company to analyse the ways people use the internet. Downloading the app in your phone and signing up will get you Rs. 300 and keeping it installed can earn you up to Rs. 200 every month. These rewards come in the form of vouchers from retail partners like Myntra, Lifestyle, and Shopper’s Stop.


On installing Keettoo, you’ll start getting push notifications to view Ads. For each Ad you view, you’ll earn Rs. 1 which will be added to your Paytm or MobiKwik wallet.


In Tengi, you get to earn tickets for weekly draws by chatting with and inviting contacts. In case you get lucky, Tengi will send you a notification. You can choose between getting your winnings transferred to your bank account and securing retail/e-commerce website vouchers.


Foap provides you with the opportunity to sell pictures captured with smartphones. You can make a free account and upload your images to the app’s marketplace for potential buyers and earn Rs. 300-350 per photo. Your payments will be transferred to you via PayPal.


On installing this free app for Android, your phone’s lock-screen will start displaying promoted content. Swiping left on the lock-screen will show you additional info about the Ad and earn you points called “Carats”. 1000 carats equals $1 (around Rs. 69). Slidejoy allows you to redeem your carats every 2 weeks, for cash linked to your PayPal account.   

mCent Browser

The rewards earned from mCent are in form of points that can be earned through browsing websites. These can them be used to recharge your prepaid mobile number. All you need to do to is, install the apps promoted by the app.  


Moocash allows you to earn money through activities, such as playing games, watching short videos, trying free apps, etc. The rewards can be in the form of cash, prepaid recharge vouchers and even bitcoins.


Pact provides the combined benefit of fitness and earnings to its users. In this app, you are required to set a goal for exercise and healthy eating. If you achieve your objective, you get paid. If not, then you pay for others who have achieved their goals.


GiftPanda provides a variety of ways for earning money. You get paid to download and try apps, shop at online retail stores, play games, answer surveys and even by referring friends to use the app.

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