10 Best Astrology Apps for Android

Knowing your future is not just serious stuff, but sometimes you can find this kind of astrology thing quite fun. There are a number of Android apps that can be used to know fun things about your past, present, and future.

Some Android apps can even tell you the kind of person you are, while others can tell you about zodiacs and numerology. I personally don’t believe in astrology (there isn’t anything to be believed in) but these are fun apps to have.

10 Best Astrology Apps for Android (Free & Paid)

Check these top 10 cool astrology apps for android and the fun that you can have with them.

1. My horoscope


This is a totally free app that gives a daily horoscope made by an experienced astrologer. You can choose to download the content that you are interested in, and can even share them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, apart from daily readings, you can also read horoscopes for the past two days and the forthcoming two days. For those who don’t know their sign, they can know the same by using this app.

2. Horoscope


Another free app that gives you a horoscope reading. If the numbers of app downloads are to be believed, there are more than 10 million downloads of this app. This is a totally reliable app according to users and runs smoothly in the background allowing calling & receiving of calls and messages. The app is also fully functional on tablets, as well.

3. Today’s Horoscopes

Astrology apps are often known to be ridiculous but not this one, especially as this comes from Tarot.com. You can get daily readings written by reliable astrologists from this app. If you are serious about astrology, this is an app that you must-have for your android device for sure.

4. Daily Horoscope by Ze Horoscope


This app sends a daily horoscope to your phone without any miss. Even if the phone is offline, the app will send messages using its preloading feature. A truly simple and easy to use the app, you can continue using the app as long as you want as it’s free to use.

5. Horoscope Plus


This is one of the most fun astrology apps available for the android platform. Apart from delivering daily horoscope in real-time, you can get monthly, yearly and weekly horoscopes and check love affinity with someone you love. This is a free app and you can get updates easily. The beauty of the interface is worth mentioning.

6. Horoscope and Tarot


Another astrology app for android that comes powered with tarot readings, as well. You can use the app anytime for getting readings, and the daily readings are uploaded in real-time. You can even ask one question to a real tarot reader or astrologer.

7. Indian Astrology


This is an app that’s way different from others. Rather than relying on the zodiac signs, you can find the animal sign you belong to and can get easy readings. Compared to others, this one is really fun with animal signs that are easy to understand and interpret. This is a free app to use on android.

8. Astrology Readings

Astrology apps are often unidirectional, but this one has a lot to offer because everything is calculated since your birth date. This app deals with almost every kind of astrology that you can think about including western astrology, Numerology, Chinese Astrology, and birthstones.

9. Astrology Horoscope


Know everything about your zodiac sign and find every detail that you wanted to know about your future. This is another free app, so you can use it as many times as you want. Every fact is given in detail on this app and the interface is also extremely good, which means you will love your experience of the app on your android phone.

10. Astrology for Her


An interesting app for women that comes live on android and is free to use. You can get daily readings and can even ask any questions in your mind regarding anything. This app is really fun for women who want something solely for themselves. You can choose to share your readings on online platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Next time you doubt your future, use the power of android to know everything you wanted.

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