Top 10 Beaches in India You Should Visit

Beaches, be it in India or anywhere else in the world, are beautiful experiences. India may not have the best beaches in the world but they sure are a different kind. Probably not pristine as the ones in Seychelles but there are some world class beaches in India, that you should visit if you’re a beach lover. Let’s take a look at some of the best beaches in India.

10 Best Beaches in India

Let’s start with the best one.

1. Calangute Beach, Goa

Top_Beaches_in_India_Calangute Beach_Goa

This beach is just about 15 kilometers drive from the capital city Panjim, Goa . Also called as the Queen of beaches, with its stretched far and wide shores, it could accommodate a huge number of tourists round the year.  Good variety of sea food is available along the stalls near the beach and also fine handicraft items are available for tourists. With tourist flocking from all parts of the world, the Calangutte beach has expanded and many number of luxury resorts have been introduced to make it more comfortable for their visitors.

Photo Courtesy – Anoop Negi

2. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Top_Beaches_in_India_Varkala Beach_Kerala

If you are looking out for a quite and peaceful place, the Varkala beach in Kerala is one of the most exotic ones.  On the outskirts of Thiruvanathapuram, Varkala Beach makes it a perfect place to refresh your mind and enjoy a beautiful vacation. This piece of natures beauty with golden sandy beaches, emerald green water and the aristocratic blue sky all make it a treat to your eyes. Varkala is upgrading themselves to a fascinating holiday destination with spa resorts that are of premium standards.

Photo Courtesy – Aleksandra Kulikova

3. Nagoa Beach, Diu

Top_Beaches_in_India_Nagoa Beach_Diu

If you want to feel paradise on earth, then the Nagoa Beach is the perfect pick. Surrounded by dense coconut grooves and with an array of water sports offered here, this becomes the perfect choice for those who are a bit adventurous. Having a barefoot walk along the beachside, is a mesmerizing moment to be felt.

Photo Courtesy – Kaushik Parmar

4. Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Top_Beaches_in_India_Gokarna Beach_Karnataka

This is a famous tourist spot for its two best attributes. One for its holy and sacred temples of Lord Shiva and secondly for its perfect beaches. If you are looking to experience a perfect holiday spot, then the Gokarna is the pick for having the perfect blend of green forestry, eternal ocean, temples and luxury resorts all at one place to get to those exotic holidays ever experienced.

Photo courtesy – Rajat Pal

5. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Top_Beaches_in_India_Kovalam Beach_Kerala

Known as the heaven of South Kerala, Kovalam is well known for the cleanliness it maintains, the resorts with Ayurvedic and Spa facilities, and its local coconut beer toddy. This place attracts thousands of visitors every year and is blessed with all natural resources.

Photo courtesy – Mehul Antani

6. Pondicherry Beaches


Pondicherry beaches are known as the charming beaches of earth with the reminiscences of French Colonial era. The resorts, cottages, bars and cafes still reflect the French culture. The attracting characteristic of this beach is that they have powdery white sand and a bordering clear blue water of the ocean with rays of sunlight, making it a place to be truly enjoyed and a beauty to the eye.

Photo courtesy – Amith Nag

7. Rishikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Top_Beaches_in_India_Rishikonda Beach_Andhra_Pradesh

If you are someone who loves water sports, then choosing Rishikonda would be right choice. Having tidy waves from the Bay of Bengal, this beach is the perfect location for enjoying water sports like water skiing, wind surfing and swimming. Moreover, the beach has plenty number of lovely sights and charm, that adds an extra beauty.

Photo Courtesy – Shubhajyoti Ghosh

8. Andaman Beaches

Top_Beaches_in_India_Andaman Beaches

A beautiful island, blessed with some of the best beaches on earth. Some of the promising beaches of Andaman are Radhanagar, Vijaynagar, Butler bay, Red Skin Island are a few to name. Being crystal clear and soothing, beaches here offer some of the adventurous activities here, like a deep water dive, where one could see the colorful flora and fauna beneath the waters. The tour packages of Andaman are very famous and the most exclusive holiday packages in India.

Photo Courtesy – Aubrey Sroll

9. Baga Beach, Goa

Top_Beaches_in_India_Baga Beach_Goa

You a party freak? Then the Baga beach in Goa is your destination. Goan nights are famous and Baga Beach is one place that you could experience the night out parties with thrashing music, dance floors, wine and dine all together transforming nights into festive moods. A total night party environment is what Baga is all about.

Photo Courtesy – Satyajit Halder

10. Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

Top_Beaches_in_India_Mahabalipuram Beach_Tamil Nadu

This is truly a gift of nature. This beach is very much famous for being soothing and peaceful and also posses some of the rich ancient heritage and architectural wonders. The beach gets very active during the festive season and people across various walks of life gather, to make the festival a treat and the beach a colorful land.

Photo courtesy –  Prmod Bafna

Irrespective of the locations, beaches have always attracted humans and it does offer a serenity to the mind. Be it summer or spring, beaches are always packed with people and every individual enjoys the moment spent at the shore. With the tides washing your feets and a walk through the soft sand, the beauty of such an experience could only be felt and not explained. Spending some time with friends and family and enjoying a dip at the sea or enjoying a spa at one among the beautiful resorts, is truly a treat to yourself from the buzzing daily life chores.

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