10 Best Apps to Sell Used Products in India

Back in the day, selling old goods lying around the house wasn’t so easy.

People who wished to sell off their used items had to rely on classified ads in the newspapers. Apart from being quite expensive, such ads really didn’t help much.

However, with the popularity of online shopping, selling off old stuff you no longer require has become a cakewalk.

Here are the 10 best apps to sell old, used things in India.

Second Hand Mall

Second Hand Mall is a classified ads website that helps find potential customers in your city. The website has a user-friendly design and is easy to navigate.

It doesn’t charge anything for posting ads and also helps out sellers with courier services.


Koove is a fun and trusted social platform for selling and buying used stuff.

Providing the experience of a virtual flea market helps in saving money and reducing wastage. The website also gives you an opportunity to engage with others regarding exchanging used goods.


Boasting a huge number of buyers and sellers in India, OLX is very effective as a classified ads website. You can submit ads anonymously and without any charges.

The website also has a feature through which you can get your ad listed in the first position or featured on the homepage. But this entails a fee.


ListUp connects people living nearby for the efficient and safe sale and purchase of goods. It also provides an option for chatting and bargaining on the price.


Tradly is a popular social marketplace in India that provides a safe and fun environment for buying, selling, and swapping pre-loved items with the local community.


Just like OLX, Quikr is heavily promoted through TV ads.

This classified ad platform has been in business for over 10 years now and has product listings in more than 900 cities across India. You can sell anything, from office furniture to your car via the Quikr app.


An eCommerce startup, Zefo is committed to providing sellers and buyers of used goods a hassle-free online experience.

They provide quotes within the first few hours of listing your items and the seller is paid upfront at the time of pickup.


MaxDeal is counted among India’s biggest eCommerce marketplaces and provides vendors all over the country with a platform to get connected with millions of customers.


Requiring no introduction as an online marketplace, eBay is hugely popular in India.

The site has a section dedicated to selling second-handed or used products. Sellers can either create a virtual shop to list all the old items that they wish to put up for sale or sell as non-shop subscribers.

The website charges a small insertion fee which varies according to the product category.     


Spoyl allows you to connect with India’s fashion community and sell or trade your old outfits. Apart from clothes, you can also sell beauty products, books, furniture, baby and kids’ stuff, etc.

How to make use of these sites?

Most of the sites mentioned above are second-hand selling sites in India. You can sell old items using one of these websites or download an old item selling app from the list.

Tips to Sell Used Things Online

-Take clear pictures of the item from different angles
-Include any relevant information about the item in the description
-Be honest about the condition of the item
-Price the item fairly and accurately
-Ship the item promptly

If you are using an online marketplace, be sure to list the item with the correct category.

For example, if you are selling a used book, you would list the book under “Books.” Be sure to include the condition of the book, as well as any pertinent information about the book (such as the author, ISBN, or title).

It is also important to list the price of the book accurately.

How to sell used products online in India

Use any of the above apps or websites to list your used products and sell them online. The steps to sell your used items are usually as follows.

  • Sign up for the website.
  • Verify Email ID.
  • List your used product.
  • Put up an expected price.
  • Engage with interested buyers.
  • Sell your used item.

Which is the best second-hand selling app in India

The best app to sell second-hand products in my opinion is OLX. But you can also try the apps above.

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