Which Bank Has the Best Mobile App in India

According to a 2017 report, 48% of the people in the world use apps to conduct banking activities. In India, the traditional methods of transaction, started way back in 2002, are almost dead today. The Reserve Bank of India has given its approval for the launch of mobile banking services to 80 banks, including apps, so far, says an article on Live Mint. So, which banking app scores over the others? Here’s a look.

Top Rated Mobile Banking Apps in India

The following apps are the most user-friendly and you can access your branch in just a few clicks.

ICICI Bank’s iMobile Application

With 10 million downloads till date, ICICI Bank’s iMobile Application is the highest rated app in India. This app conveniently helps users locate their nearest ICICI Bank ATMs, pay credit cards and utility bills, transfer funds through UPI payments, take care of life insurance policies, open fixed and recurring deposits and much more. Recent updates allow users to avail personal loans against their credit cards too via the app. 

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Google Play Store Rating: 4.5
Special Feature: ICICI Bank’s smartwatch app, iWear, allows users to check the last 3 bank transactions, current balance, etc., via their smartwatch.

Bank of Baroda’s M-Connect Plus Application

The upgraded version of the old M-Connect App, Bank of Baroda’s M-Connect App allows users to transfer funds, pay utility bills and make credit card payments. It also provides an overall view of your account details, transaction history and also allows you to place a request for a new cheque book. It is available in 7 different regional languages, enhancing its reach across the country. This app’s recent upgrade has added a frequent transactions list to the “Favourites” menu, a graph to show mini account statements, thus increasing the security of accounts.

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Google Play Store Rating: 4.1
Special Feature: It lets you make cash withdrawals from Bank of Baroda ATMs, without having to use a card.

Axis Bank’s Axis Mobile Application

Along with the basic fund transfer and managing account statements, Axis Mobile Application allows you to schedule card payments beforehand for a date of your convenience. It also facilitates the conversion of credit card payments into EMIs, block cards and replace them, as well as set limits to purchases via debit cards. You can also provide standing instructions for auto payment of bills for more than 200 services.

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Google Play Rating: 4
Special Feature: You can mail and tweet feedback directly from the app and place a call request for the customer care executives. 

SBI’s Anywhere Personal App

Formerly known as the State Bank Freedom App, Anywhere Personal App or Yono Lite SBI provides fundamental banking services to millions of users today, both in Hindi and English. It allows users to see their deposits, withdrawals and balance sheets. Apart from the usual bill payments and opening deposits, the app allows payments of premium for SBI Life and ad-hoc payments to billers not registered with the app.

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Google Play Rating
: 3.9
Special Feature:
SBI launched a wear app that lets app users access their account details via their smartwatch. 

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In terms of security, no sensitive information, like PIN, etc., are stored on your device. This makes these apps safe to use and lets you have a convenient banking experience on the go.

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