10 Best Boarding Schools in India


There are plenty number of boarding schools in India. However, if you plan to put your child in one, you should do a detailed analysis, as the school reshapes your child and his future. You should always choose one that gives importance to not only education, but to the entire activities of the child and where he would be helped to understand what he is and how to excel in life. There are many such schools, with great aims and goals and makes sure that their children excel in life, in all respects. Here are a few boarding schools that ranks top.

1. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor

This school was founded by the great philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti , and is located in Andhra Pradesh. A three hour drive from Bangalore and a four hour drive from Chennai is where this school is. This is considered as one among the best boarding schools in India. They follow they holistic approach , where community service and extracurricular activities compose an essential part of the students schooling. With active discussions and debates in classroom and with assemblies and club meetings, your child gets trained in all aspects for the future.

2. The Doon School, Dehradun

This is a boys only independent boarding school in Dehradun. The school was founded by Satish Ranjan in 1935. The admissions to the school are based on competitive examinations and interviews. The school has been constantly ranked among the best residential schools in India. Though the Old boys are very few from this school, they include some of India’s prominent leaders in business, politics and government works. The former Indian Prime Minister, Rajive Gandhi is an alumnus of this school.

3. Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer

This boarding school if for girls from class IV to XII. It was founded in 1987 and is affiliated to the CISE.  After the mid term examinations, an educational trip would be organized that is compulsory and the students would be taken to different parts of the country and also abroad to participate in various competitions. With the schools in the UK and Australia, there is the student exchange programes , that helps students to get an international exposure in their academics.

4. Welham Girls School, Dehradun

This is a traditional boarding school for girls and is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The school was established in 1957 and founded by H.Oliphant.  The school supports various co curricular activities for the students along with an exchange program with the Millfield School in England, thus exposing the shy natured girls of the remote villages to an international level and making them competent.

5. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

This is one among the oldest boarding schools in Asia, which was founded in 1859 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. In 2009, the school celebrated 150 years of existence.  This boarding school has been ranked among the best residential schools in India and has produced the highest decorated officers amongst all the armies of the world, ambassadors, judges, parliamentary officers, head of state and politicians.

6. Assam Valley School, Balipara

This boarding school was founded in 1995 by The Williamson Magor Education Trust. This boarding school is the only exclusive co-educational boarding school in the North East of India. The schools aims to nurture the students to develop their full potential and get them well equipped in the competitive world.

7. Daly College , Indore

Founded in 1882 by Sit Henry Daly of the British Indian Army, this is one among the oldest co-educational schools in the world. The school was initially open to the sons of  Princes and Chiefs of Central India, which was later changed and admissions were based on merit basis, irrespective of caste of creed. The school became coeducational in 1997.

8. Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun

This is situated in Doon Valley, Dehradun and is a public school for boys. This is considered as a feed institution for the Indian Naval Academy, National Defense Academy and also the Indian Armed forces. This school was established in 1922 by the British Empire.

9. Sherwood College, Nainital

This co-educational resident school was founded in 1869 and situated at the boundary of the Nainital Lake. The school has two wings, one for students from Grade 6-12and the other for students from Grade 3-5. The students are trained in a such manner that they creativity and talents are brought out and made them fit to place themselves in this competitive world.

10. Birla Public School – Pilani

This boarding school is located in Pilani, Rajasthan which was founded in 1944 by the Birla Educational Trust. Till the 1948 , it remained as a day school. Over the years, the school developed an by 1954, the school had attained to be a full fledged Public School.

Be it anywhere, you need to make sure that the school offers the best amenities and education system to your child, so that he would turn to be a responsible, creative and understanding citizen of tomorrow. Schools lay the foundation, and as a parent one has to make sure that the best is provided. These are just a few of the boarding schools to choose from the many out there.

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  1. Aashish Sharma

    Thank you for this amazing article, I also want to add The Scindia School which was founded in 1897 by the visionary HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I.

  2. shivalik

    Thanks for sharing a list of boarding schools in india. Good post, my point of view dehradun is best for boarding school. Sincerely,

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    Please add our School information in your blog. Information Give below
    School Name :Him Academy Public School hamirpur Himachal Pradesh
    School Affiliation : CBSE, CO-ED,Best boarding Schools in Himachal pradesh

  4. Parul Tyagi

    Thanks for this great list of schools. Dehradun is very good place for sending children in Boarding school.

  5. Mani Karthik

    Thanks for letting know Karthik.

  6. ShriRam

    Good post with great listing. Thank you!for sharing with us.

  7. Karthik

    Hi, Thanks for providing the information. I have been staying in Bangalore for quite some years now and I think Greenwood High International School in Bangalore is missing from this list. My daughter studies at GWH which is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore for the past 6 years. I am quite impressed with the technique and method they use to teach students in order to develop them in all spheres of life – be it education or other extra curricular activities. Being a parent I enjoy when my child gains the required knowledge which further paves way for an overall academic development.

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