5 Best Dating Apps in India

Once looked at very skeptically, online dating has now emerged as a global phenomenon. Thanks to technology, dating no longer remains a taboo in Indian society either. And, given that our hectic schedules don’t really leave us much time to meet new people, the ability to socialize in the virtual world has come as quite a boon. Here’s a list of the best dating apps in India that allow you to be your own cupid today!

Best Dating Apps in India

Here is the list of best dating apps in India..


Tinder is a dating app that needs no introduction. The app asks you to sign in using your Facebook account, through which it fetches your personal details. Further, it uses the same information to find other people with interest similar to yours and within the same geographical location. Tinder allows you to swipe right, if you like someone and left if you don’t. It also offers a number of features, such as numbers of times you can swipe or location change, which depends upon the package that you are using. Tinder has undoubtedly set a bench mark for casual dating and even for a happily ever after love story, says an article on GQ.


Another dating app giant in India is Hinge. Unlike other apps that allow you to meet strangers, Hinge finds you the perfect person from among your friends or friends of friends. Like Tinder, Hinge also asks you sign in via Facebook. Instead of just your description, Hinge has a distinct feature where you need to answer some questions. It helps people know more about you. The app offers a free trial, followed by a subscription option. You can access more options once you subscribe.

Truly Madly

Truly Madly is one of those dating apps that takes profile verification very seriously. It takes your profile live only when you have provided identity proof. Then, you can scroll over the matching profiles. This distinct feature builds trust, so that you can have greater peace of mind while dating online. No one can take a screenshot of your photos or download them, so, your photos are safe, says an article in TechloMEDIA. The app lets you play intriguing games with your matches, such as Hocus Pocus, Stylastic and more, which makes this app even more interesting.


Has Cupid not being around lately? You can bring him to you with the amazing OKCupid app. It stands out from the crowd because OKCupid doesn’t require you to link your Facebook profile to your account. Instead, you have to answer a long list of questions. It then creates a percentile based on your answers and matches you with those whose answers are similar to yours. You can add different filters while searching, such as interests, body type and so on.


Hppen lets you find people with whom you have crossed paths in real life. Its algorithm primarily depends up on your location. It allows you to connect your account with Facebook and helps you know the people around you and those you have met in person before. It is quite possible that the person who has crossed paths with you some months ago is the love of your life. To find that out, you should try this app.

Don’t wait for a wing man to introduce you to “the one.” With the evolution of the Indian dating scenario, you can meet your special one with the help of these online dating apps.

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