5 Best Home Décor Agencies in India (Online & Stores)

The growth of the real estate sector in India has fueled the rise of the home décor market too. Globalization plays a key factor in offering a wide range of home décor products, from furniture to textiles and even floor designs. The home décor market is forecasted to touch revenues of $664 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 4.2% during 2015-2020, says an article on Allied Market Research.

In India, interior décor services had been something reserved for only the elite. However, with the expansion of the market and availability of numerous choices, it has become quite the rage. So, if you’ve just invested in a home or are to do so in the near future, here are some interior décor services you might want to consider. 

Best Home Décor Agencies in India

If you are looking for home décor services and products that offer value for money, here are a few of the best consultants in India.

Home Center Interiors

One of the most reputed designers, with branches in Kottayam, Kochi, Bangalore, Kannur and more, Home Center Interiors blends exceptional creativity with expert engineering to decorate your personal spaces, according to your taste. They help with all kinds of interior design, such as in-built wardrobes, modular kitchen set ups, converting your verandah into a cozy sitting space, etc. They provide quality work, including installation and redesigning your home, within a reasonable price range.

CeeBee Design Studio

As a pan-Indian interior design firm, CeeBee Design Studio operates in most of the major metropolitans, including Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad. With around 300 residential projects and 50 commercial projects to their name, their team of experts has made a name for itself with its creativity and excellent customer services. They are professional about keeping customer requirements and budget in mind and are exceptional in interior designing and execution.

Pranay Shah Designs

This is the largest home decorating service in Vadodara and provides one-stop design solutions in all parts of India. With Pranay Shah Designs, one particular contractor manages the entire planning and designing, thus reducing the involvement of the owner. This makes the firm a good pick if you don’t have the time or inclination to oversee multiple contractors. Led by the talented Pranay Shah, they make sure the project is exactly as per your requirements and is finished within the stipulated deadline.

Monica Khanna Designs

This Delhi-based design firm won the Best of Houzz Award in the Design category in 2018. Monica Khanna Designs combines style with sophistication to create highly distinctive interior design for homes. Their signature design is minimalism and a timeless appeal. The fact that they keep in mind the exterior environment while designing the interior is what makes them stand out in the industry. They are experts in designing apartments, depending on your preferences and budget. They specialize in rustic, custom-made flooring, doors and windows, with unconventional metal grill designs, crisscrossed stone slab roofs, and much more.

The Design Chapel

This is a multidisciplinary studio in Mumbai, specializing in Interior Designing, Architecture and Art. They create thoughtful designs that have an aesthetic appeal. The Design Chapel provides unique, concept-based designs, end-to-end planning and onsite execution. They keep client requirements and spatial conditions in mind before designing projects.

So, transform your house into your dream home with a little help from these talented interior designers.

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