Visiting India? Which Is The Best Mobile Connection For Travelers to India

So, you’re traveling to India and wondering which mobile connection to take while you’re in India. Well, this article will give you the best options.

As someone who has traveled a lot, I know the pain – of having to switch mobile phones and SIM cards because you can’t get seamless connectivity with your current mobile connection. Unless you have a super-expensive international roaming plan, you’re pretty much restricted with few options. Luckily, in India there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best internet. Both for mobile and home users. In this article, we’ll talk about the best options for international travelers to India.

What you should know about mobile connections in India

Indian economy is different and mobile connections aren’t the same as what you’d get in US or UK. If post paid, contract based connections are more popular in the west, prepaid connections are popular in India. People prefer cheap tarrifs and is very reluctant to long term contracts. Also, there are several players currently and the offers are cut-throat competition. Which means many people switch around between carriers, whenever there’s a better deal to grab.

Especially in 2016, there were several new players and offers come by that slashed the mobile internet rate to cheapest ever in the country. Reliance Jio is one such player which came up with very appealing offers that under-cut the competition, resulting in a industry-wide slashing of rates.

Which is the best mobile internet connection for travelers in India?

Now, when I say travelers, I’m assuming the following.

  • You’re here for a short stay (say few weeks?)
  • You’re coming from a foreign country but your mobile connection won’t work in India.
  • You need mobile internet connectivity wherever you go.

Now considering these, Reliance Jio is your best bet in terms of getting the best mobile internet. To know about Reliance’s 4G internet rates, check out this article. The problem is that, it may be really difficult for you to get a new connection, as demand is huge! Having said that, Reliance Jio is not the easiest to get, although it might be the cheapest.

If you’re traveling to India on an e-visa, then you’re in luck. When you land in India, you will get a free mobile connection from the country’s biggest public sector player BSNL, with 50 Rs talk time and 50MB free mobile data! (Source)

Currently, if you are flying to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, you can avail this offers from T3 terminal, but soon this service will extend to other Airports in India.

BSNL Free Mobile Internet for e-Visa Holders to India – Features

  • Provide e-visa copy & passport and get free BSNL SIM card
  • SIM cards will be pre-loaded with Rs. 50 worth of talk time
  • Also 50 MB data is included with the offer
  • Activation is done instantly

This looks like the best offer for travelers to India so far! But if you need more options, there are plenty of other options as I mentioned previously here – best mobile internet in India.

All the best!

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