5 Best Zoom Alternatives

Sorry to disappoint you but Zoom is not the best app for video calling. Of course it is the most popular one out there, but not the best. There are many better apps than Zoom. In the next 5 minutes, I’ll tell you which are those apps that are better than Zoom. Keep reading.

TikTok Is banned in India. 58 other apps that has connections with China are also banned in India. Anti China sentiments are strong. Now, some people are suggesting that the popular video calling app Zoom also should be banned in India because it is a Chinese app. Is there any truth in this?

The truth is No. Zoom is not a Chinese app. The only connection it has with China is that their CEO Eric Yuan was born in China. But he is an American citizen and lives in America. So, telling that Zoom is a “Chinese company” is like telling that Google is an Indian company. Why? Because, Google’s CEO is Sundar Pichai – who was born in India. He is an American citizen, and Google is an American company. That logic doesn’t work, right?

Ok, so now that part is clarified. Let us look at which are the best five alternatives to Zoom.

Google Duo

Number one is Google Duo.

Wait. Don’t underestimate the power of Google. I know Duo was meant to be for two people but now, Google Duo can have video calls between 12 people. That is more than enough for a small group, right?

What I really like about Google Duo is that it is super easy to use, not like Zoom. Whenever I use Zoom I come into issues like meeting id not working, app not responding etc, especially when I’m trying to login from my Windows PC etc. Google Duo is rock solid and is super easy to use.

Oh, and also, no time limits like Zoom.

Virat and Anushka was right.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Surprised? No, it is not Facebook Messenger but Facebook Messenger Rooms

This is a new feature launched by Facebook, whereby you can create private rooms within Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and have upto 50 people participate in it with video calling. 50!

You know how easy it is to use Messenger na, it’s just the same in rooms also. But here’s the fun part – the people who are participating in the calls, don’t have to be on Facebook or Messenger. You can create the room and share the link with anyone. Even your grandma. All she has to do is, click on the link and join directly. Super easy no? 50 people.

You can create the room from within WhatsApp also. So your next college reunion can be on Facebook Messenger rooms. 😉

Now, the third Zoom alternative is Skype!

Skype Meetings

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Arree.. Skype video quality is shit yaar! Don’t use that.

Boss, times have changed. Skype has launched a new feature called Skype Meet. In which, you don’t even have to have Skype software or sign up ID. Without installing the app itself, you can generate a link online, and anyone who clicks on the link can have a video call together. That too with up to 50 people. 

Remember back in those you had to ask your friend their Skype ID and all? No, that is not required. Just create a room, and add your friends or colleagues.

Trust me, the video quality is super awesome! Not like the old Skype. The link is in the description.

Oh, again – no time limits like Zoom.

So far, are you liking the video? If yes hit the like button or if you didn’t like it, hit the dislike button and let me know why. I’m curious to know.

App number four. Can you guess?

Yes, it is Google Meet.

Google Meet

So Google Meet is another app from Google, previously called as Hangouts that has now become free because of the Pandemic. It was only available for paid members of GSuite, but they have decided to make it free until September 2020.

First of all, this is the most simple and easy to use solution for video calling that I have tried. Just like Google duo, Google Meet is also very easy to use but can hold video calls for up to 100 participants. But you have to download the app and have a one hour limit. Ouch!

And this app is only free until September. What happens after that?

Okay, now the app number five!

App number five is called Talky.


Talky is a simple video conferencing app that lets you meet together on video on your browser, without any app or signups.l All you have to do is create a link from their website. And copy paste that link to your friends. Up to 6 friends can join at a time and have a video conference. But the good thing? No time limitations. Use it as much as you want.

So friends, there you have it. Five amazing alternatives to Zoom. If you’re struggling with Zoom, with technical issues and delays etc, try these apps. Zoom is a great app, but I personally don’t like it for the 40 minute time limitations and the errors. May be too many people are using it and that’s why these issues keep coming.

So anyways, try out these apps and let me know.

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