10 Best Apps To Block Unknown Numbers

Do you get irritated by answering unwanted marketing or advertising calls everyday in your mobile phone? Then the best option is to install a call blocker app in your mobile phone which will block unwanted calls and you won’t get the ring at all. There are many call blocker apps available for Android phones and the most used ones are given below.

Block Unknown Numbers

1. Mr.Number

Mr.Number app was listed in the 100 Best Android Apps of 2012 by PCMagazine. It also got the Appy award for the Best Communications App in 2012. The main features of the app are
– Blocks calls and messages from any phone number with any area code
– Blocks unwanted calls from telemarketing people
– Automatic Interception of calls and messages from unknown numbers
– Reporting SPAM calls,SMS etc to warn other users
– Find out the spam callers by using the reverse lookup method
– Create a personal Blacklist
– Displays the Business caller ID of the call

2.Call Control

Call control is a call blocking application developed by Kedlin Company. The main features of the app are
– Blocking private & unknown calls,area code,text messages,picture messages etc.
– Create a personal Blacklist for blocking calls
– Find out the spam callers by using the reverse lookup method
– Integration with FCC Do not call Registry
– Phone doesn’t ring for blocked calls
– Pick up and disconnect automatically so that the call is charged which may make the callers to avoid making calls again.

3. Call Blocker

Call Blocker app is a handy call blocking developed by the company named NQ Mobile Security supporting many non English languages like Chinese,Spanish,French etc. The main features of the app are
– Blocking unwanted calls from any number and area code
– Blocking SPAM text messages
– Protects the privacy by erasing the call history and messages exchanged between the contacts in your phone
– Contacts are backed up on a server
– Stores the messages and call details from private numbers in a separate log without disturbing the regular log
– Create a personal Blacklist for blocking calls
– Transfer data to non Android phones

4.Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is a good application for blocking calls and is developed by Vlad Lee. The main features of the app are
– Block calls from any number in your contact list, call log,message log or you can add the number to block yourself.
– Blocks unwanted or SPAM text messages
– Stores the details of the blocked calls and messages in a separate journal
– Option of enabling / disabling the notification of the blocked calls or messages

5. Blacklist

Blacklist is an advanced call blocker application developed by AntTek Inc. The main features of the app are
– Create a personalized blacklist and option for turning it ON/OFF
– Blocks calls and messages from the callers in blacklist,private numbers which don’t have any caller id or number etc.
– Create an exception list or non block list which are not blocked at any time
– Option for Automatic reply for blocked calls through SMS
– Setting for picking the blocked call and hanging up automatically
– Backing up and restoration of the blacklist
– Templates for Auto reply

6. Root Call Blocker

Root Call Blocker is a powerful application for blocking unwanted calls and messages. The main features of the app are
– Blocking spam calls,private numbers etc at system level so that you may not even know about the call
– Block unwanted SMS and MMS
– Option for completely blocking calls from specified area codes and country codes
– Importing phone numbers from files in many formats like CSV and use that information for blocking calls
– Backup of the contacts and blocked call list in Google drive or Dropbox

7. Call Blocker Gold

Call Blocker Gold is a good call blocker app and has been featured on the Fox news channel recently. The main features of the app are
– Blocks calls from community black list,pattern matching,private or unknown numbers etc
– Automatic reply for blocked text messages
– Community shared blocking – Blocking numbers which are blocked by other users using this app
– Backing up of data automatically
– Blocking calls during meetings

8.Call Block

Call Block application is developed by Tacoty CN and the main features of the app are
– Create a personalized blacklist
– Block all calls and messages from the blacklist
– Offers four modes in blocking namely Block all,Block blacklists only,Accept whitelists only and Accepts contacts only. Numbers in whitelist are unblocked by default.
– Notification when calls or messages are blocked

9. Call and SMS Easy Blocker

Call and SMS Easy Blocker is developed by KAISARs Lab and is one of the good call blocker app. The main features of the app are
– Blocking calls and messages from private and unknown numbers
– Creating a personalized black list
– Option for hanging up or muting the unwanted call automatically
– Backing up the blacklist call log

10. Truecaller

Truecaller is not only used for looking up the caller IDs of the calls but also used to block unwanted calls. The main features of the app are
– Create a personalized Blacklist
– Block calls from the numbers in the personal as well as community Blacklist
– Block calls if number is found in the common spam callers list

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