10 Best Websites to Book Cheap Flight Tickets To India

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With the internet, booking flight tickets has never been so easy. There are several websites that are easy to use to book a ticket easily to any destination in the world. According to a recent research, the average Indian visits roughly 3 travel sites before booking tickets on the most-preferred one. Whether you want to book tickets to the US or to India, all you need to do is go online and check the sites that make the best offers. But, here’s the catch. How do you know which websites are offering cheap rates? This is where you should do a comparison.

I normally do the following trick to find the cheapest fares to India.

1. Open each site on a separate tab in the browser. (Use Chrome of Firefox)
2. Search each site with exactly the same data. Same dates, same number of travelers, same destination.
3. Then I choose the flights shown on those dates and compare them against each other in each tab.

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Tips for booking cheap flights to India

1. Check prices at least 4 months in advance. So, let’s say you are traveling in June, start searching for prices in January.
2. Get a list of all the best flight ticket prices and take them with you to a local travel dealer.
3. Never book online in haste. Check with others.
4. Go in incognito mode (on Chrome) or search from a different location. (Sometimes, the websites will have stored your browsing data and the prices will vary accordingly.)
5. Set your location as India and switch it to USA (different locations show different prices)
6. Check with a travel agent in India. (Sometimes same ticket can be got cheaper when bought from India)
7. Call up the ticker booking company and ask for discounts. Sometimes, they do have applicable discounts which they don’t offer on the website, but apply only when you ask.
8. Search the internet for discount coupons for the site you’re trying to book ticket on. (Check discount coupon sites like Retailmenot.com)
9. Do not book too close to your travel date as prices go up.
10. If the ticket booking site has refund policies, make use of it to book your ticket but not make the payment. Like Expedia having a 24 hours free return policy.

10 Websites offering cheap flights to India



This is a great travel site that is easy to use and find all the information related to travel. This is a site that is most preferred by a large number of people as it is efficient and reliable. It offers the best deals when it comes to flight tickets. You will find a list of destinations all over the world to make your task easier. You can get alerts via e-mails and it even has apps to help you search for cheap air rates on your smartphone.



This was one of the first online flight booking services. Due to this, it is one that is preferred by a majority of people. You get fantastic offers on air tickets and the site also offers frequent flier miles points that you can collect and redeem in the future for great bargains. You can also book bus and train tickets and car rental bookings that are inexpensive.



This is another fantastic site for booking air tickets. Apart from offering you cheap flight options, the site also has great features like the one that lets you search for flight and hotel combo packages, airport bus booking as well as holiday packages. This is a site that is easy to use, efficient and reliable.



This is a travel portal that is known around the world. It offers you a wide range of options when it comes to flight ticket booking. Apart from the cheapest airfare options, you can also book bus and railway tickets, make hotel reservations, bookings for cruises, etc.



This is a site that has a vast range of destinations and you can get cheap flight tickets to any destination in India from the US. You can compare and book tickets at inexpensive rates in Expedia site. You can take your pick from over 180 airlines to book your tickets.



This site has one of the best search interfaces and it is one of the fastest and most secure as well. You can get the best deals and special offers. The cheapest flight tickets can be booked and you can also book hotels and even book railway tickets in Europe.



This is a site that is slowly gaining popularity with the help of ads in newspapers. It offers you the cheapest flight tickets. This is a site that is fast, secure, and easy to use and of course, give you some of the best deals. If you are looking for cheap travel destinations in India from the US, this is the site for you.



This is a simple website that is meant not only for booking flight tickets, bus and train tickets but also hotel rooms. If you are looking for holiday packages, car rentals, etc. this is not the site for you. You will get a wide range of options to fine tune your search for the cheapest tickets.



This site is connected to a large number of major airlines. It offers a wide range of options and services. To get great deals, this is a site that you should definitely check out. The site is quite cluttered with ads but if you consider the deals that it offers, it is a site worth checking out.



This is a great site that offers some of the best air ticket deals in the market. It is user-friendly and simple site to make your search and bookings easy and hassle-free. Train tickets bookings are not possible, however you can check the availability of different trains.

So, there you have it. Ten websites and ten tips on booking cheap flights to India. If you are an NRI like me, and know tips on getting the best deals while traveling to India, please share them in comments. Hope this was useful.

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  1. Hi, there is one more flight booking website. That is Indian Eagle. you can get cheap and best flight tickets to India.

  2. Doesn’t matter if it is agency or Expedia, but the secret is in timing. The above listed websites are all great choices for booking tickets to India.

  3. I like Expedia for booking cheap tickets to India. Which agency is good if Expedia doesn’t have the airline listed?

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