10 Best Websites to Book Cheap Flight Tickets To India

We all love to travel, don’t we? But, when it comes to booking flights, the staggering prices can be a bit of a buzzkill.

Especially if you’re flying to or from India – a destination known for pricey tickets. However, worry not.

We’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 best websites to snag some seriously cheap flight tickets to India.


Meet Skyscanner – your new best friend for booking flights. What makes Skyscanner stand out? It’s their ability to scan millions of flights from over 1,200 sources, then give you the best options based on your chosen parameters.

You can even sign up for price alerts to grab a deal when the price dips!


Expedia is a trusted name in the travel world.

Their advanced algorithm compares flight prices from different airlines, ensuring you get the most cost-effective deal. Plus, bundling your flight with a hotel or car rental can save you even more dough.


Kayak is like that handy pocket knife you carry around – it has all the tools you need. From flights and hotels to car rentals and travel packages, Kayak can help you plan your trip without breaking a sweat.

Its comprehensive view allows you to compare prices across the web and pinpoint the cheapest ones.


The beauty of Momondo lies in its simplicity. It’s easy to use and, more importantly, it digs up some of the lowest fares on the web.

So, if you’re looking for cheap flights to India, Momondo should definitely be on your radar.

Google Flights

Google Flights offers a clean, fast, and functional way to find cheap flights.

Use their price graph to see when prices are the lowest, or set up a price alert to be notified when prices change.

Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog is unique because it has a team of experts who all have a knack for finding low-priced flights.

These experts monitor airline websites for deals and price drops so you can nab your flight at a jaw-dropping price.


Don’t let the name fool you. CheapOair is a robust travel booking site that offers some really affordable flight options. With its last-minute flight deals and cheap airfare sale, you’re bound to find a deal that suits your budget.


Priceline is well-known for its ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature.

While it’s a little more on the daring side (you don’t know the exact details of the flight until after you book), it can save you up to 40% on flights!

Flight Network

Flight Network is known for their ‘Price Drop Protection’ where if the price of your flight drops after you book, they’ll credit you the difference.

This Canadian-based company is a good place to look for cheap flights to India.


Cleartrip is an India-based travel website. Being local, they often have the best insider information on flights to and from India.

Also, their interface is pretty straightforward, making the booking process a breeze.

Remember, the key to scoring cheap flights lies in your flexibility – be it your travel dates or departure airports.

Now, with these websites in your arsenal, go ahead and book your dream trip to India without burning a hole in your pocket.

Happy flying!


Can I book direct flights to India from these websites?

Yes, all these websites offer the option to book direct flights.

Can I book round-trip flights?

Absolutely! In fact, booking round-trip flights can often be cheaper.

Can I change or cancel my flight after booking?

The ability to change or cancel flights depends on the airline’s policy. Some tickets are non-refundable.

Is it safe to book flights online?

Yes, it’s generally safe to book flights online, especially from well-known and reputable websites.

When is the best time to book a flight to India?

The best time to book can vary, but generally, booking 3-5 months in advance can yield good deals.

Which website offers the cheapest flights?

Prices can vary based on multiple factors, so it’s best to compare multiple websites for the best deal.

What are the peak seasons to travel to India?

The peak travel seasons to India are generally October to March due to the pleasant weather.

Can I set up flight alerts?

Yes, most of these websites allow you to set up flight alerts.

Are there additional charges for baggage?

Baggage charges depend on the specific airline’s policy.

Can I book a hotel or car rental from these websites?

Yes, most of these websites offer the option to book hotels and car rentals.

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  1. mahesh

    Hi, there is one more flight booking website. That is Indian Eagle. you can get cheap and best flight tickets to India.

  2. Mani Karthik

    Doesn’t matter if it is agency or Expedia, but the secret is in timing. The above listed websites are all great choices for booking tickets to India.

  3. Anand

    I like Expedia for booking cheap tickets to India. Which agency is good if Expedia doesn’t have the airline listed?

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