10 Best Cheap Tour Packages To India

Got to be honest with you. I hunt for tour packages. No, not the touristy kind, but the lesser-known value for deal stuff. Tour packages provide special deals to attract customers. Travel deals include discounts, special offers for individual and bulk booking, corporate offers, seasonal offers, vacation offers, wedding offers etc.

These travel deals are available for all modes of transport and help the tourists to plan their trips in advance.  Travel deals cost less when compared to normal travel bookings which is why I love them. Once you find the right travel package you know it’s worth it.

But, it’s not easy. I, being a travel-holic, keep track of all deals so that whenever I see something way too good to let go – I pounce! Here is the list of websites that can help you find travel and tour packages to India.

Cheap Tour Packages to India

Here are the best cheap tour packages to India.

1. Fare Compare


Farecompare.com is a portal to search for low priced tickets and offers across multiple booking sources. It offers attractive deals for both local and global air travel and offers a comparison search engine so you can differences in prices across different ticket booking agencies in one console.

This website provides following travel tips to clients:

a. Last minute deals including round the trip deals from either Thursday to Monday or else starting from Saturday to Tuesday.

b. It is always advisable to book travel and accommodation together.

c. You can use the travel deal points for availing various offers.

d. Ask for a small discount of 10% or $50 with any Airlines.

2. Expedia


Expedia is one of the popular travel deal sites in India. It offers deal on local and foreign travel and provides booking of air tickets, discounts on air travel, vacation deals, cab rental packages etc. It has tie up with thousands of hotels throughout the world. Good thing about Expedia is that it lets you book tickets along with other amenities like car pick up and drop, find nearby activities and attractions, so you can plan your travel accordingly.

3. Easy My Trip


Easemytrip.com website offers travel deals on both local and foreign air travel at attractive discounts. It also has deals on booking air tickets, bus tickets, hotel, etc.

4. Cheap O Air



Cheapoair.com offers low priced travel deals on domestic travel and attractive discounts on vacation trips, wedding trip etc. This site provides following travel tips to get low-priced air tickets in India.

a. It is wise to plan the trip on working days to avoid extra charges during  holidays.

b. Get to know the nearest airport to get low-priced air tickets.

c. Book in advance to get the cheapest deal.

5. Booking Buddy


Bookingbuddy.com offers local and international travel deals. It offers low-priced air tickets and also many other travel deals. This website specializes in providing vacation packages for various destinations.

6. Travedealsfinder


Travedealsfinder.com is a website to find and avail cheap travel deals in India. It provides details of travel agents, all modes of travel deals & boarding and lodging vacation trips. It provides facilities to compare travel deals with other websites and anybody can rate the various travel deals available in the website. Many people prefer this website as it provides latest information on travel deals available. This website is used by travellers, tourists, booking agents, accommodation providers etc. to update their information free of cost.

7. Travel Chacha


Travelchacha.com is a travel website for travel deals & packages. It provides deals on travel, boarding and lodging, ticket booking, vacation deals etc. It provides round the clock enquiry and offers on both local and foreign travel deals at affordable price to travellers.

8. Coxandkings


Coxandkings provides deals on both local and foreign travel. This website provides travel packages for pilgrimage trips, adventure trips, vacation trips, seasonal trips, wedding trips, family trips etc. They offer services for travel, accommodation etc.

9. Lushtrip


Lushtrip.com provides travel deals at affordable rates. It offers travel deals, vacation deals, accommodation deals, etc. Travel deal includes both local and foreign trips including pilgrim, adventure, weekend trips etc.

10. Onetravel


Onetravel.com is ideal for all modes of global travel. It offers low priced air tickets, accommodation packages, including high discount on travel packages to their clients. This website has a special feature of refunding the excess money if the price of their travel deal is costlier than that of other websites. This scheme is applicable only for individual reservation and should be claimed within 4 hours of notification in websites.

Though these websites ease travel for people, they also have some negative aspects. Some websites lack recent updates, so it is wise to get travel information over phone.

It is also advisable for travelers to read the terms and conditions carefully before opting for travel deals.

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