Top 10 Time Tracking Software (Free & Paid)

Time tracking is a big concern for companies big and small. When it comes to figuring out how much time your employees or contractor worked on a project, there are only so much you do. Thanks to time tracking software, now you can track time spent on a project easily. It does not take care of everything though, especially in a world where people are constantly multitasking on different things and networks. Here are some popular time tracking software you can make use of.

10 Best Time Tracking Software

1. Toggl

Toggl is a simple and one click time tracking tool developed by Toggl . It is available in both mobile and desktop version and it supports Android,iOS and Windows based devices. The main features of the app include offline support,export timesheets and reports, starting and stopping the timer anywhere and anytime,manual mode in which can add time manually,fast & responsive operation,reliability and stability etc. To use the app, you have to create a toggl account which is free.

2. Harvest

Harvest time tracker app is developed by the company app and is mainly used by Android based devices. The main features include flip clock for counting the number of billable hours and minutes,project and task timers,offline support so that data is synced back once you go online,logging and tracking expenses quickly and conveniently,starting and stopping the timers anytime,adding notes,creating reports,tracking expenses while working on client projects,uploading the photos of the receipts etc. To use the app, create an account in the harvest website.

3. Paymo

Paymo Time Tracker is developed by Paymo LLC and is mainly used by Android and iOS based devices. It is a complete project management tool for managing and tracking time efficiently. The main features include offline support so that no data is lost,adding time either using stopwatch or manually,separate timer for task and project,creating invoices and reports based on timesheets, starting and stopping the timer anytime etc.

4. iZepto

iZepto (Not available anymore) app is developed by Beyond Software with the motto ‘timesheets made human’. The main features include sharing the projects with the clients, searching for the tasks in a fast manner, creating reports based on timesheets, monthly summary of the tasks, keyboard shortcuts for accessing the menu,RSS feeds for the time entries, saving reports for the day, month or the selected period and sharing them with clients etc. The app is mainly used by iOS devices.

5. TSheets

TSheets app is developed by TSheets.Com LLC. The main features include creating new timer,tasks and subtasks with single click, adding notes to timers,linking time to tasks,entering time manually,deleting unwanted tasks,generating and viewing weekly reports with graphs,unlimited multi level job codes,vacation and holiday options,sending alerts to users to track their time,secured data with SSL encryption,easy integration with twitter,daily backups,various permission levels controlling the access etc. The app supports Android and iOS devices.

6. RescueTime

RescueTime app is developed by the company RescueTime and it supports Android based devices. The main features include tracking offline activity,blocking distracting sites,sending detailed summary for the week to your email,generating detailed reports,setting goals for the day,setting alarms to alert if you spend more time on a particular task,logging highlights of what you have accomplished on a particular day etc.

7. Klok

Klok time tracking app is developed by Mcgraphic Inc. The main features include visual display of the time spent on various tasks,generating detailed reports,exporting timesheets,generating invoices,separate timers for tasks and projects,connecting with other time tracking systems etc. It is available in desktop as well as mobile version.

8. SlimTimer

SlimTimer is a simple and efficient time tracking app. The main features include creating tasks and subtasks,starting and stopping the time anytime,generating reports from the timesheets,exporting the reports to formats like CSV,sharing the tasks and reports with your team or other people,running your reports as well as the reports of your team etc. To use the app, just create a free account in their website.

9. Manic Time

ManicTime app is developed by the company ManicTime which efficiently manages and tracks your time. The main features include recording your activities automatically in the background and storing it,generating detailed reports with complete statistics on the time spent,offline time tracking by means of a local storage,simple and intuitive user interface,exporting the reports to formats like CSV,viewing detailed activities by selecting the particular timeline,summary of time spent on a particular task etc.

10. Tick

Tick is a simple and efficient web based time tracking app. The main features include separate timers for tasks,entering the time manually from anywhere,generating detailed reports,grouping reports by specific client or person,exporting reports to formats like CSV,integration with basecamp,getting budget feedback,setting recurring projects or tasks,keeping track of the remaining hours in the budget etc.

What are the things you would look for in a time tracking software? Have you used any of the ones above? What is your feedback?

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    Worth adding to the list is Time Doctor
    It has a free 30-day trial for both versions (Lite and Pro).
    For more of its features, you can visit this page –

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