How to get Clubhouse invites

If you’re reading this, you already know what Clubhouse is, and you’re desperately looking for more invites so you can do more cool stuff on there.

I’ve been on Clubhouse for two days now and got a bunch of invites to spare (they keep popping up). Read on if you’d like to know more and get a Clubhouse invite.

Wait, what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a group audio chat (drop-in) + groups mish mash app where you can have fun and interesting conversations based on ideas and topics you follow.

It’s available on iPhone right now and can be downloaded here. (You already knew this)

How popular is Clubhouse?

Crazy popular. If statistics are anything to go by, Clubhouse is already at a few million installs. I mean look around on social media, everyone is asking for an invite.

There are about 2500 clubs already on Clubhouse, like this one. And it’s only growing.

How to get Clubhouse invites

How do you get Clubhouse invites?

At the moment, there is very little known about how to get a Clubhouse invite. However, folks who have been getting invites, have noted the following things. It may not necessarily mean that you’d get invites if you do these things but, they are your best chance right now.†

You can get Clubhouse invites if you do the following.

  • Get active on Clubhouse, join rooms.
  • Start a club.
  • Add more contacts from your phone contacts list.
  • Participate in conversations with friends (followers).
  • Follow more people and get followed.

Essentially, the more active you are on the app and how valuable you are to the community, the more chances to get invites.

How do you get a Clubhouse invite?

If you haven’t gotten access to Clubhouse yet, and is awaiting an invite, here are some ways you can get it.

  • Search on Twitter – There are many folks on Twitter who are giving away invites. Just do a search for “clubhouse invites” on Twitter and try contacting the person. If you’re lucky and you reply/contact them at the right time, you could get an invite.
  • Search on Reddit – There are multiple threads on Reddit where good folks are giving away new invites. Just do a search here for recent threads. There are a bunch of threads and subreddits even.
  • Join Pay it Forward chains like this one – Felix is running a pay it forward chain, where he is helping others get, invites based on a trust-based system. You can get the details here.

How often do you get invites?

Pretty often if you are active on Clubhouse. Not just active for the sake of it but adding value to the app.

If you see how Clubhouse grew, it all started with VCs in the valley. And many of the early adopters spent hours on it creating rooms and clubs. And that’s exactly what the apps wants.

Active users who can add value to the eco system and make sub groups and eco systems for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a Clubhouse invite, drop me a message on WhatsApp and I’ll try and get one for you. Hopefully, it’s available at the time. Or try the ways I mentioned above.

All the best!

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