How To Convert PDF to Word File

PDF files are difficult to work with. They’re great for signing documents and everything but the moment you need to change or edit something on a PDF document, you’re stuck. Editing PDF files is difficult but converting PDF to Word is not. I prefer the Word document to PDF any day because they are so easy to work with and editable.

Here are some of the best apps to convert PDF files to Word documents.

How To Convert PDF File to Word Online

Before we go into the best PDF apps, here is the easiest way I’ve found to convert PDF to Word files.
Go to this website, upload your PDF file, put in your email id (where the converted file will be sent), and click the button to convert. Simple as that. No need to download any software or apps. Simple conversion is done online!

1. Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems


Beyond any doubt, this is the best and free PDF App we have today, and it is free to use on the Android platform. You can open files directly from the phone, email, web, or even from certain other apps. The search option lets you find important information, while you can also zoom the documents for better viewing. You can share files or even organize the documents, all in one. This app is available in a number of languages. It doesn’t let you edit or convert PDF to Word but this is a must-have in your arsenal when reading PDF files.

2. Documents To Go 3.0 Main App


This is one app that lets you open and edit every format and document that you can think of commonly in daily use. You can open PDF files for sure, but this app also offers you the option to open doc, ppt, xlss, xls files and more. If you have this for your android phone, you will not need anything else. As for being a PDF reader, this one offers you everything you need. There is a paid version for it, as well.

3. ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF


This is a paid app that is known for being one of the best Multimedia PDF viewer. It also works as a form filler with calculations, and for those who want, this works as an annotator. The developers claim it is one of the best-rated apps in the market. Try it for yourself!

4. Quickoffice Pro (Office & PDF)


Another app that allows you to do many things on the same platform. You can create and share presentations, spreadsheets, word files, and PDF documents app and it can even support presentations on your Android phone. Also, you can access Dropbox from the app. Ideal all in one PDF reader!

5. PDF Converter by Simon Rosch

Just like the importance of a PDF reader, it is also important to have a PDF Converter. This is an extremely small app that can convert any document to PDF format. The file is saved directly on the SD card, which means accessing the file is never a problem.

6. UrlToPDF


This app has a name that says it all. You can use this app in android for converting any web page into a PDF format. Also, you have the option to change themes, tables of content, and background. This is a simple app that can be of great use when you need it.

7. OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)


This is a paid app for android that is known and counted among the best available in the mobile platform. You can use it for a number of formats including doc files, excel files, ppt files, and of course, PDF files. There are a lot of in-built functions that you will come across when you start using it. Even though it is a paid one, this is a complete app you would need for work.

8. PDF Reader

This is a simple free app that allows you to read PDF files. Unlike many other apps, this one doesn’t come laden with features, but when you are looking to read documents in the PDF format, this one works fine. You can even read books, and it also offers you a search option to find important things.

9. Excel To PDF

If you have too many spreadsheets to be converted to PDF, this one is the right app for you. All files with xls and similar extensions are converted to PDF using the internet connection.

10. PDF Utility


This app is different from others because it lets you do many things with PDF files. You can merge many PDF files into one, extract images from a PDF file, or even convert an image into a PDF format. Ideal for those who use PDF files all the time and need something advanced on their android phone.

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