10 Best Coworking Workspaces in San Francisco

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One of the coolest things that’s happening with the Startup scene these days, is the idea of coworking. Which is the idea of a shared workspace for individuals (or even startups). With collaboration and remote working tools available today, coworking is a great opportunity for talented folks who’d like to enjoy networking opportunities keeping the costs to the minimum.

San Francisco has some of the best shared/coworking spaces in USA today. Obviously, selecting the one that fits you is dependent on factors like cost, location, networking opportunities etc. But here are some of the best ones we have today, for those independent folks looking for some working space.

1. Hatchery


 2. Citizen Space


3. Founder’s Den


4. Hattery


5. Next Space


6. PariSoma


7. Pivot Desk


8. Rocket Space


9. Sand Box Suites


10. Shared Desks

sharedeskUpdate: Shared Desks and Citizen Space is not operational anymore.
Let me know if you know any more.

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