10 Best Data Backup Software for PC

Protection of data on your computer is something that you just cannot ignore. Our computers are more like old age stock houses. Right from your guest list for the wedding to the most important files of work, we store everything in a soft form in our desktops and laptops. Therefore, it is important that you choose the best software for backup of your data, so that important documents are maintained and organized in the best possible way.

Check some of the paid and free software for data backup on PCs.

1. Acronis Inc


Advanced backup software that offers options for home users and enterprises with equal dedication. Among the features you get, partition management, disk imaging and anti-malware are some of the things worth mentioning. You can download the trial version for a try.

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2. Advanced Backup

Paid software for data backup, this one is available for a free trial, as well. Saving your folders, documents and other files from all kinds of overwrites and accidental deletes, Advanced Backup is one of the best options you can have. Your backup files are saved in Zip format, and it can even save emails from ICQ, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!

3. 1Click Backup


Data backup software are often not free, and this one is no exception. This software is a paid one that allows full backup of data for OS of the past, such as Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/2003. If you are one of those using old operating systems from Microsoft, this one is perfect and offers backup space of 100MB right on their server.

4. ABC Backup


This backup software is unique because you can schedule the copying of data from the desktop or laptop to any storage of your choices, including network disks and remote FTP servers. What is extremely commendable is the fact that you can actually download some of the versions of ABC Backup for free from their official site.

5. AKGBackup


AKGBackup is one of the most advanced options for backup of data. This software works on a number of platforms and is written in Java. You can choose to save the backup files in a compressed form and save the same on any disk drive or any other media.

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6. Backup4all


If you are using one of the old operating systems such as Windows 98 or 2000 or even Vista, this one is for you. The software allows complete and differential backup of all files and folders, including ftp backups and email notifications. Backup4all also has an updated version for Windows 7, and you can choose to automate and schedule the backups. What is worth mentioning is the fact that it is a highly configurable software.

7. Backup Wolf


This is one of the best recovery and backup softwares that are available for all versions of Windows, excluding versions below XP. The software saves the backup in an organized way, and the recovery is matter of one click. There is a free trial version available and if you are willing to get updates, you will be surprised to know all updates are free for life.

8. FileHamster


If you are not willing to pay for backup software, this one can be the right utility for you. There is a higher advanced version of the software where you can find a number of features, not included in the free version. This software creates revisions of files every time you change them. It runs continuously in the background without causing any trouble to you.

9. SmartSync Software


This is popular software for data backup that allows you to save files and folders with options for synchronization and features a built-in scheduler. Simple and easy to use, the lack of complicated features makes this one easy for personal use.

10. File Backup Watcher


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This is a simple program that allows backup of files in a number of options including ZIP, CD-RW, and HDD depending on which the computer can write to. Also, there is a scheduler that allows automating the backup process. There are two different versions available; one is the easy home edition, while the other one with advanced features is the professional edition.

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