This is what happens when multi national brands go Desi !

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Written By Mani Karthik

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“World famous in India bruh.”

Check out these uber cool logos of MNC’s desi-fied 😉

1. Kumari – She so fast, you burn!

ferarri_201406201202222. We have a gender problem here.


3. No, you’re pronouncing it right.skoda_20140620120123

4. Modi fans be like “Take that bitch!” m/


5. Ha! Aarti n all that..starbuks_20140620120040

6. Look again.


7. Droidwa!android_20140620120003

8. Made in India.


9. Apt. No?


10. Seems legit.


Credit where credit is due – Awesome folks at WOW makers.

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