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E-books offer convenience and portability over traditional books. With the advance in technology you have options to download e-books into iPads, iPod, phones or laptops. You can read them at your convenience and they can be stored away in CDs, DVD and Blu-ray discs for later use. To be able to read and download free e-books you will require an e-book reader. But if you’re just looking to download free PDF ebooks to read on your PC laptop, there are plenty of websites that offer download of free ebooks.

In this article, we’ll look at different websites where from you can download free ebooks legally.

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Many websites offer e-books for free and some require you to register with their websites. For getting access to popular and new releases you would require to pay. Some of new writers may offer their books at very reasonable prices but most of the old classic literatures can be easily available for free on the net.

Where to download free e-books?

Let’s look at all the free and legal sources.

Free e-books

Free e-books helps you to access e-books, e-magazines as well as create your own e-book. The registration here is free and once you are a Free-EBooks.Net member you can get access their huge collection of books. You can also earn money by submitting your e-book with the website. This website is open to around 10.4 million viewers and it’s an excellent platform to showcase your writing talent too.

Freebook spot

Now this website offers you e-books in almost 90 categories and these can be downloaded even without registering. Categories include fiction, medicine, romance, engineering, scientific etc. If you become the member you have certain advantages like adding new books as well as entering comments. You also have options to share your e-books with your friends by saving and sending the link.

Google Books

You can access good reading material free of cost from Google Books. It does not require registration and you can read the books online too.


This website focuses on providing e-books to its readers free of cost. It’s not only e-books it also has a collection of interesting articles in e-zine as well as news and articles. They also help you keep you updated with its new releases through its twitter feeds. You can also subscribe to Getfreebooks through email.

Book boon

This is a very interesting website and offers you numerous categories of books. It has been categorized well and you can download the books without registration. Apart from novels and fictions you also have books on accounting, business, engineering, marketing and more. You can also get access to e-books of different formats that can be used in any device.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is quite popular website that allows users to download e-books or even read them online. They offer e-books in different formats that can be used for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod Touch and other cell phone .They offer  more than 40000 e-books and you are not required to register or pay for them.


E-Books has a huge collection of books that can be downloaded to your computer, mobile phones, PDA or more. Here it is categorized as Popular consumer e-books, Professional and technical e-books and Academic and scholarly e-books. Now for purchasing a book you need to create an account an make payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. You can also sign up with the website to alerts of new books through your email. The website also gives out gift certificates that can be given away to your friends or relatives. Kindle store

Here you have a huge of e-books and it is solely marketed by Amazon. Apart from e-books you can also access newspaper, blogs magazines or other digital media. Books have been categorized and prices are clearly specified. You can choose books based on the reviews and the ratings specified.

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

This is an online store that offers both hard cover books as well as nook books. The nook books are far more reasonable and you can access them immediately after making the payment. For accessing the books you need to register with the website and create an account by providing your personal details. They also have special deals and discounts on purchase of certain e-books too.You can gift your loved ones gift cards ranging from $10-$350.

How to download free e-books

Free e-books can be easily downloaded from websites or can even be read online. Paid e-books are also available and they do have a demand among the readers. But here are some of the problems which you might face while opting for free e-books.

New writers often publish their work for free or sometimes at a reasonable price. So some of these e-books might be good reads while some may not be up to your expectations.

Old classic literature are easily available but if you’re looking new or popular releases you would have to opt paid e-books.

In paid e-books you can expect proper formatting and they would be properly linked with table of contents. In the case of free e-books such criteria may not be present.

Some websites allow users to upload their books. Some of these may be well formatted but due to spam issues its hard find out which one is good.

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