10 Best Rehabilitation Centers in India

India records around ten suicides related to drug or alcohol addiction every day, according to official figures. The figures also revealed that the country witnessed a 455% increase in drug hauls from 2011 to 2013. If you are an alcoholic or are suffering from drug usage, a rehabilitation center is your best bet. Many people are able to get their life back on track after taking treatments at rehabilitation centers. Here is a list of the top ten drug rehabilitation centers in India. (Source – Wikipedia)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in North India

Tulasi Healthcare 

Tulasi Healthcare has four branches in New Delhi and provides treatment to patients suffering from diverse conditions including schizophrenia, mental retardation, drug and alcohol addiction, and a range of behavioral problems (anger, aggression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.). The treatment encompasses medication, behavioral therapy, counseling, and support groups. They also provide online counseling. The facilities include spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, badminton and table tennis equipment, indoor games, and a TV. (Official website)

Drug Dependence Treatment Centre

The Drug Dependence Treatment Centre falls under the umbrella of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). Located in Ghaziabad, the center has medical doctors, pre-clinical scientists, social scientists, nurses, and administrative staff. The center carries out laboratory tests to monitor health damage and determines the treatment accordingly. It offers outpatient and inpatient treatment using both medically-assisted and drug-free approaches. (Official website)

Nasha Mukti Kendra

Situated in Kanpur, the New Morning De-Addiction Cum Rehabilitation Centre (Nashamukti Kendra) is managed by the Samuhik Utthan Sewa Samiti. The team includes psychiatrists and psychologists and the program includes detoxification, individual and family counseling, yoga, group therapy, and educational talks, apart from other activities. (Official website)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Central India

Phoenix Foundation India

The Phoenix Foundation India is located in Hyderabad. The treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and the 12-step program approved by the World Health Organization. The facility has 25 beds, air-conditioned rooms, seminar halls, a gym, and laundry services. (Official website)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in West India

Anatta Humanversity

Anatta Humanversity is a luxury drug rehab center that mostly caters to actors, politicians, and businessmen. The facilities include a villa and 3 & 4-bedroom apartments, all located in Pune. The amenities include an in-house cook, gym, and swimming pool. The interiors are plush and the surroundings are serene and aesthetic. (Official website)

Arzoo Foundation

Located in Mumbai, the Arzoo Foundation has a team of psychiatrists and other medical practitioners. One can choose from dormitory style, semi-deluxe, or deluxe AC room. The facilities include a gym, library, meditation room, satellite TV, and 24/7 power backup. The center is covered under CCTV surveillance. They offer a patient home pickup service. (Official website)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in South India

AARIT Recovery Centre

The AARIT Recovery Centre is located in Chennai. Here, one can choose between AC and non-AC rooms. The facilities include 24×7 warden supervision, a TV lounge, a conference area, and a detox room. The treatment encompasses detoxification by psychologists and psychiatrists, regular health examination by general physicians, a 12-step recovery program, group therapy, exercise, and individual and family counseling. (Official website)


Located in Bangalore, Cadabam’s Amitha is a center for short- and long-term rehabilitation care. The center provides rehab for drug abuse ranging from tobacco and marijuana to cocaine and LSD and even addiction to sleeping pills and painkillers. For drug addiction, the treatment could last from 90 to 180 days. The program includes individual, group, and family therapy, counseling, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, and the 12-step program. (Official website)


Punarjani is registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 and located in Thrissur in Kerala. It is a retreat center, surrounded by lush environs. The center focus on alcoholism and the de-addiction program includes Ayurvedic treatment, apart from medicine, counseling, and motivational talks. (Official website)

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in India North East

Genesis Foundation

The Genesis Foundation has a number of branches in Kolkata and a few spread across West Bengal. They follow a psycho-spiritual therapy based on counseling provided during the pre-treatment, during treatment, and post-treatment phases. The treatment for drug abuse lasts for four months or longer. (Official website)

So, there you have it. The best de-addiction centers in India. If you’re looking for a better life, start now with one of these places. All the best!

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  1. Srinivas

    thank you for sharing this content

  2. Anveshika

    Informative writing and easy to understand; Thank you. There are many other rehabilitation centers like the same you described. one of my niece was facing issues in the character formation at that I also searched for a good rehabilitation center for both children and adults. Finally, I found that in Ajman which is near to where they live and it was one of the best rehabilitation centers in UAE and that is Lifeway rehabilitation center. I think they have branches in sharjah and other places near to that.

    While I read this writing I thought,it will also help others who prefer less cost..

  3. Tishika Malik

    This post is really helpful; while searching for the best rehab center in Delhi I found Sanctum Wellness and Healing Center. This rehab center provided my friend with the right treatment plan that really helped him cure his addiction. Not just the treatment plans they offer but the facilities and the environment provided there is what helps an addict get rid of his addiction and hope to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Jessica

    Check out the Aarti Foundation De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre….it looks affordable or funded by the state

  5. Hitesh

    My younger brother Neeraj was a big drug addict but now he is fine completely just because of Dr. Gautam Bhatia. I agree with you Mani, rehabilitation centres are really necessary for alcoho or drug addicts to become normal and back to life like others. Dr. Gautam Bhatia in Sahyog Clinic (Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi) is really good for drug addicts and the best part of this rehabilitation centre is that the patients not treated like animals as many nasha mukti kendra do and we all know this. Sahyog Clinic is the best place to detox with best facilities for patients.

    Thanks to Dr Gautam Bhatia

  6. Sanjay singh

    I need a favour pls suggest m I have a guy he is drug addict every kind or drugs he takes his family is too much suffer what we will do pls tell me any drug center for his hole life thanks

  7. Mansi

    Hello Arushi ,

    Would you be able to give some more info on this.
    I am looking forward to it for someone very close and is highly alcohol addited. and in depression,.

    The main issue is he being in bengalore.

    But if its possible would you able to give some more info about your brother being treated. How long and what was the process and stuff.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Richa

    Hey I am Richa from Ghaziabad

    I am very needy for the suggestion. Is there a free rehabilitation centre in Delhi ? I can’t afford to pay for the treatment for my Brother.

    Please Suggest me as soon as.


  9. Soumya

    Is there a free rehabilitation centre in hyderabad? I can’t afford to pay for the treatment for my dad.

  10. sandeep

    Thnxs for sharing this but i think Anatta is the best drug rehabilitation Centers in delhi.It should be in top 10.

  11. Uma

    Thank you all for a wonderful guide for people on drugs. The families suffer in silence. Young people losing hope and life. You all are heros by helping people in need and thus helping our country.

  12. arushi wadhawan

    Naya Savera Rehab is one of the best centres in Delhi. I have a Live experience of my brother, how beautifully they have changed his life

  13. Jitesh Sanghani

    Dr Yusuf Mercant, The founder and Chairman, has devoted his whole life to helping people in addiction! He is advisory to the United Nations and has helped 1000’s of families. Without doubt a leader in the field! He has a rehab center just outside Mumbai.

  14. Jasbir songh

    Please tell me best rehabitation centre for drug..anyone can help me?

  15. Rishabh Tomar

    Tapasya rehabilitation and de-addiction centre in noida is the best one for addiction treatment in delhi ncr.
    Reach Web-www.tapasyarehabilitation.com
    #rehabilitation #rehab #rehabilitationcenter#relapse#continueinaddictiom

  16. Mani Karthik

    You tell me why.

  17. Rishabh Tomar

    You guys forgot the name Tapasya rehabilitation centre and nasha mukti kendra in delhi and noida..

  18. Jitesh Sanghani

    DAIRRC in Mumbai is one of the best and most genuine Rehab centres in the world! Why isn’t it on your list?

  19. Anashakti Foundation

    Thank you Mani Karthik, for sharing such vivid information to the readers. It is very crucial to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction from the society. You are doing a wonderful job for the country. People like you will surely bring a change. Hope to see much more wonderful blogs from your side.

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