10 Ways To Find Engineering Jobs in India

There were times when finding a job was difficult. People used to depend on print media back then. Searching vacancies for the jobs of your preference through the hundreds of ads given in the newspapers was time consuming.  Once you find a vacancy, contacting them was another task.

You first needed to confirm whether the job is for real and whether the ad has been given by a genuine party. Getting through the right employer at the right time was something that hardly used to happen.


This is where we need to appreciate the internet for. After its introduction, many things became easy including the tough task of finding a job. Many job sites started popping up with specific search options and this made things easier. Now, all you got to do is to register in these websites, upload your details, search for your kind of job by typing specific keywords, apply for the job and wait for just a few days to get a reply.

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How To Find Engineering Jobs in India

How amazing would it be when you get a call to appear for an interview from your dream employer without even directly applying for the job? With so many engineering colleges in the country producing lakhs of engineers every year and a huge number of organizations run by engineers, the opportunities are not any less.Let’s check out the top 10 job sites for engineers in India.

1. Naukri.com

Naukri.com comes with the slogan, “India’s No.1 Job site’.  It has been helping both job seekers as well as organizations since 1997. Naukri.com has one of the most efficient job search feature and abundant job opportunities at one place. The site has a clean interface which helps in providing the best search results across all categories. Naukri.com now has a database of over 25 million registered job seekers and over 80,000 live job listings from Corporate Customers. Naukri.com has been awarded the best classified website at the 2nd edition of the India Digital Awards organized by the Internet and Mobile Association of India(IAMAI).

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, the founder and executive vice chairman of Naukri.com talks about Naukri.

2. MonsterIndia.com

MosterIndia.com is a flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc which has been launched for Indians to seek jobs and for the corporate to recruit the right talent. The goal of Monster India is to help job seekers achieve their dreams.  New job, new career, new location – you can choose anything you want by registering in this website and by posting your resume. Right job opportunity for the right people is what Monster India offer.

3. TimesJobs.com

For all kinds of engineering jobs, TimesJobs.com has a frequently updated database and job opportunities. The opportunities are quite vast here as well.Your search to find your dream job can be fulfilled with the help of this website. TimesJobs also keeps the registered members updated by sending SMS alerts and e-mailers regularly. Job or an employee, you can find both here.

4. Shine.com

Shine.com has a salary bench marking tool that makes it unique. This website helps in matching job opportunities with the skills of the registered job seeker and provides him/her with the best results. The recruiters can go through your profile and contact you once they have an opportunity that suits your profile. Once that’s done, you will be informed via email.

5. ClickJobs.com

ClickJobs.com also has a database of opportunities as well as details of job seekers. The employers can view your profile, but this website has an option where you can keep your details confidential. If an employer wishes to contact you, you will be notified via email and you can allow them to view it only if you desire by following the instructions given by ClickJobs.com

6. Freshersworld.com

Freshersworld.com is an exclusive platform for the freshers in India. Along with the job opportunities in sections such as hot jobs, Govt jobs, IT jobs etc, the website also provides tips for interviews, the list of company to contact etc. Mostly, organizations look for experienced candidates and to filter out the ones that provide opportunities for fresher’s is a little difficult. This website makes that task easy by listing out only opportunities for fresh talents.

7. Vfreshers.com

Vfreshers.com is also another website which helps fresher’s seek jobs that would help them build a career and also for the employers to hire fresh candidates who can be taught the lessons from the scratch about the work without, much confusion. Usually, in the initial stages, the experienced employees get confused when a project is given, or while giving training, but when it comes to fresher’s, this confusion can be avoided as they are new to the whole system.

8. Bixee.com

Bixeecom is considered as one of the largest hybrid job portals in Asia. It has about 1.5 million active jobs available at any point of time. The most innovative and appropriate jobs are automatically filtered and displayed in a user friendly manner in the site.

9. Careerjet.com

How tiring would it be to check out each organization websites individually to search for any vacancies available? Job search engines save you from this disaster. Careerjet.com is yet another job search portal where you can find lists of jobs from which you can choose the ones of your choice and apply via the job portal.

10. CareerAge.com

One of the best comprehensive job portals, Careerage.com helps students, job seekers, and corporate the best career options. Its immense database helps both the parties find the right opportunity without any delay.

To find a job of your choice, usually people make a list of companies they would want to work with, get into their websites, find the career tab, check out for the vacancies, apply via email, individually. How tiring! Half of these employers hardly check these emails in the first place. Job web portals save you from this. All it takes is a little time to post your resume and register mentioning what exactly you are looking for. It won’t take much to get you there where you always want to. All the best!

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  1. Ankit Sharma

    Here’s is a special pick from me. This website provides the latest trending govt job updates in India, but soon they will post private sector jobs too. You can log in or sigh up and connect with the people who are interested in the same field of job. You Can Check Out This Job Portal & Go Here:- doonedin.com

  2. Mani Karthik

    You are right but they do have it.

  3. Anand

    Naukri is not good for Engineering jobs, they have lot of IT jobs though.

  4. Mani Karthik

    I would try Monster, LinkedIn Jobs and Indeed.

  5. Veera prasad Gadde

    What are the top 10 job websites to search for engineering jobs all over the world? The 10 job sites you have mentioned are worth looking for india but when it comes to worldwide which jobsites are the best?

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