So in India, criticizing anyone on Facebook can get you in jail. Here’s all the bizarre “Facebook laws” in India

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Using asterisk to mask Opening an account in fake name can get you in jail. So will criticizing or ridiculing anyone. Most people do not know of these applicable laws in India. Yes, they are bizarre but that’s how laws are, right?

Social media usage in India is under intense scrutiny and the govt. has some very strict usage guidelines!

There is even a dedicated website that refers to all these laws of using Facebook in India and some of the things mentioned there will get you raised eyebrows.

Here are a few examples/situations that can get you in jail, if someone complains.

– Swearing – Even with masking the words with asterisk (F**K instead of you know what.)

– Opening a fake profile.

– Opening an account in a celebrities/well-known person’s name.

– Posting “obscene” photos (even in your own timeline.)

– Ridiculing a minister/politician.

– Referring a politician as corrupt.

– Calling someone an “idiot”.

– Sending threatening messages.

And the list goes on….

So, do Facebook related laws violate the constitution of India? What kind of Facebook posts can land you in jail?

 Article 19 of The Constitution of India gives all Indian citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression.

But, the Constitution of India also allows the Government to make laws that impose “reasonable restrictions” on this fundamental right for the following reasons:

  1. in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India,
  2. in the interests of the security of the State,
  3. in the interests of friendly relations with foreign States,
  4. in the interests of public order,
  5. in the interests of decency
  6. in the interests of morality
  7. in relation to contempt of court,
  8. in relation to defamation or
  9. in relation to incitement to an offence

Before posting on Facebook, ask yourself one question – If this comment were about my family, or me, would I be offended? If your answer is yes, DO NOT post.

There is a free E-book on Facebook laws in India (Free Download Here). Thanks to Asian School Of Cyber Laws.

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