10 Best File Manager Apps for Android

In devices that use Android OS, one of the most important things that keep bugging is file management. You keep installing apps on to your Android device and at some point, you need to clean up and make sure that they’re not messing up with your already slow device.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the best file management apps for Android that will help you clean up and manage installed files on your phone.

1. File Manager


This is an Android file manager app that has a number of great features and functions. It has a great design and is very easy to use. It comes with three sets of commercial icons for over 80 different types of files, toolbars, and menus. It has support for multiple resolutions as well as 19 different languages. Apart from these, this app comes with other features that make file management on Android devices easy.

2. ASTRO File Manager/Browser


This is an app that has been downloaded more than 30 million times. Browsing and organizing pictures, videos, music, and documents are super-easy when users have this app. With a myriad of awesome features, it is no surprise that this is one of the favorite file management apps available.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager


This is an app that is a full-featured application and file manager. It can be downloaded free of cost and it has great features to help users effectively and efficiently manage their files anywhere and anytime.

4. SugarSync


This app helps users sync, search, share and access all their files including photos, music, video as well as documents.  It keeps all the files from computers and other devices in user’s fingertips, allowing them to be more productive even while they are on the go.

5. OI File Manager


This file manager app allows users to create directories, copy, rename, move and delete files as well as browse their SD cards. This is a convenient app as it also takes the role of extension to other apps to display dialogs like Open and Save.

6. Files Anywhere


With this app, users can share files, view as well as remotely manage files directly from any Android device. Photos and contacts can be uploaded and files can be managed, e-mailed, shared, and faxed while users are on the go.

7. Dropbox


This is a free service that allows users to take their files anywhere they go.  Once DropBox is installed on a computer, all files that are saved to Dropbox will automatically be saved on all computers, Android devices as well as the Dropbox website. With this app, users can take their important files wherever they go.

8. Box


This app makes it easy and convenient to access and edit files. Important files can be shared with co-workers, etc. It makes it easy to share files and stay connected to groups in any place with the help of the Android device.

9. Google Drive


With this app, all files can be stored in one place so that they can be accessed from anywhere and also be shared with others. Accessing photos, videos, documents and other files that are stored in Google Drive can be accessed with the help of this app.

10. Ghost Commander File Manager

This app is a powerful ad-free app. It has a dual-panel feature and can be customized exactly to a user’s liking. Once it is installed, files can easily be copied and moved from one panel to another. This is a convenient method that many other apps do not have.

With a variety of file manager apps to choose from for Android devices, users can choose the best one and keep all their documents and files organized and well-maintained.

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