How to find a good dentist near your area

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There are many sources available find the dentist in your area and given below are some of them.

1. Whatclinic

Go to the website Whatclinic .On the home page type the word ‘Dentist’ in the search bar. When you type the word it show a drop down bar of the dentists with specialization like Cosmetic Dentists,Emergency Dentists etc. Select the option that suits and you and enter the area in the next text box and click the ‘Search Clinics’ button.It lists all the dentists in the specified area with a short description, timings,address, contact phone number etc.It lists the approximate consultation fees for some clinics.


The DentistsIndia website is fully dedicated for the dental field. Click the link Dentists Directory on the left hand side of the home page.You can do the search by choosing name of the state or specialty or typing the name of the dentist.It lists the name of the dentist,qualification,Specialization,registration number , Registered state and year of passing. It also lists the address and contact details of the dentist. This type of listing is more authentic as it lists the registration number so that we can confirm that the doctor is authentic.


3. Telephone or Yellow Pages Directory

Usually every year the BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) subscribers get a telephone or yellow pages directory with the updated information. So you can see through the pages and find the dentist in your area.

4. JustDial

JustDial is one of the top search engine for all kind of services.On the home page, click the ‘Doctors’ icon under the heading ‘Popular search categories’.On the resulting window, click the Dentists link . It will list all the popular dentists in the city with their address and contact information. You can also read reviews of the fellow users about the dentist which will help you in choosing the dentist.

Instead of visiting the website you can also call the number 08888888888 and tell your search for the dentist and the locality. Within 5 minutes you will get an SMS in your mobile with name and contact information of all the dentists in your surrounding area.


Hospitalkhoj website is fully dedicated to the field of medicine and it contains information about all most all kinds of hospitals in India.On the home page of the website,click the icon ‘Dental’. It lists the hospital name,Fees,type(Private / Government / Others), City and Detail. On clicking the detail or hospital name link, it opens a new window with the address,email,timings,website and contact number of the hospital.

6. Sulekha

Sulekha is one of the popular classified website in India.On the home page of the Sulekha Classifieds website,click the link ‘Health’ on the top of the page.On the resulting page click the link Dentists and choose the state and city. It will list all the dentists in the city with their address,email,website,timings and contact details. On the left hand side it will list the areas in the city and you can click that to refine your search.You can also read the reviews of the fellow users about the dentists.

7. Medecure

Medecure website is used to find the hospitals and doctors in any area in India. Enter the word ‘Dentist’ in the text box and choose the relevant option from the drop down box. Then choose the city ,location from the drop down box and click the ‘Get Started’ button. It lists the dentist name with their qualification,specialization and starting year practice and also other details like address,email,phone number,timings etc. You can also book appointments through the website.


Indmedica is one of the leading online medical portal in India.On the home page click the ‘Dental’ link.  Click the ‘Doctor Directory’ link on the left hand side of the page.It lists the dentists in alphabetical order of their names with other information like qualification,specialty and location.Clicking the name of the doctor list the address of the dentist.Searching the city on the text box in the page refines the search so that the dentists only in the city is displayed.

9.Indian Dental World

As the name implies, IDW is dedicated for the dentistry field.Select the city,keyword dentist and specialty on the home page and click the ‘Search’ button.It lists the dentist name, address and contact details.

10. Friends and relatives

You can also get information from your friends,relatives,neighbors and colleagues who are located in your area or having the information about the dentists. They may also have personal experiences with the doctor so that you can go for a check up with more confidence.

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