Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale – How To Make The Most of It (Without Getting Fooled)

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale

So, Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale is happening again this year! If you have been waiting for it and want to make the most of it, here’s a full guide.

This October 2nd to 6th, Flipkart is doing the Big Billion sale once again and it is bigger than the last season. On the first day (October 2nd), Appliances, TV’s and Lifestyle products are going to be on sale. On the second day, on Oct 3rd, 2016, Smartphones, Mobiles and accessories are going to be on sale, the 4th of October is dedicated to all kinds of Electronics and the 5th and 6th of October is going to be, well.. everything.

Offers are available for the Big Billion day sale!

So, if you’re wondering what offers are available for this year’s Big Billion Day sale, here’s the list.

80 categories of products are up on sale with no-cost EMIs and product exchange schemes. No-cost EMIs mean lower EMIs and product exchange means you can trade in your old products for new ones. Kind of like the exchange schemes you have at your local electronic stores!

Also, if you have debt and credit cards from the State Bank of India, you will get additional discounts on certain products. There is no official word on what the discount percentage is. For it, you will have to wait and see. (Duh!) Update: There will be a 10% instant discount if you are using SBI debit cards.

  1. Large TVs will be available for the price of regular TVs (ex: 32-inch TVs for the price of 24)
  2. Special prices on certain brands through partnership. (Brands like China’s Leeco, Vu, and others such as Sansui, BPL)
  3. Discount on smartphones from selected brands.
  4. Lot of exchange schemes across different product verticals.

Flipkart’s pricing strategy in question

I cannot help but ignore what happened last time. Many of the products, that were shown as “On Sale” were actually price-hiked and shown as discounted on the day of sale. Many people caught it and reported spam on the day of the sale last time. Now, the big question is will Flipkart do it this time too?

Will the Apple iPhone be available on Flipkart Billion Day sale?

This is probably the big question everyone is asking. Can you buy the new Apple iPhone 7 at a discounted rate on Flipkart? Well, it looks like you can. Not on big billion day sale though. Right after it. Reports are suggesting that Flipkart has gotten into a direct partnership with Apple, which will make the iPhone 7 available to India right after the Big Billion Day sale on October 7th, 2016.

What does that mean? You might be able to buy the iPhone 7 at a lesser price than other retailers in India, through Flipkart. Let’s wait and see what happens.

How to get the best price discount on Big Billion day sale?

Here’s how you can make the best of Flipkart’s Big billion-day sale. If you are interested in a product to buy, keep tracking its price. Buy only if there is actually a price drop. Don’t let Flipkart fool you by increasing the price and then showing a discount. You can do it with this site.

For example, if you have been wanting to buy a product like the iPhone, go to this website and copy and paste the URL of the product into it’s search bar. You will now be able to track the price of the product. It will tell you when the price of the product will go down or up. You can also set up an email alert, so that if the price goes below a certain price you can get the email notification.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 – Copy the product’s URL from Flipkart

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Discount

Step 2 – Paste the URL into the URL bar

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offers

Step 3 – Click on Price drop notification

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Price Tracking
Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Discount Alert

Step 4 – Check pricing history to see price drops (or increases)


How to know if the discount on Flipkart is real?

The pricing history is a good tool to figure out if there is an actual discount on the product or if Flipkart is faking it. If the graph is showing a low point, it means there is a price drop, but if you see the graph going up before the date you are checking, it means they hiked it up.

Use Flipkart coupons

Another way to save money is by using coupons. I have listed all the places here, which will give you Flipkart coupons for selected products. Before buying a product on Flipkart, during checkout, go to these Flipkart coupon sites and see if you can get as many coupons as possible. Try using them during checkout. If you’re lucky, it’ll work. However, I have to warn you that some of those coupon codes don’t work.

Have a great shopping this time, and don’t get fooled, be smart!

Sources – Firstpost, BGR.

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